Hi everyone! Well obviously my name is Abby lol. My favorite types of art are polymer clay charm making and drawing with pencil. . . also sometimes painting abstract art with water colors. I also love cooking! My favorite color is green... my favorite animals.. well that's kind of hard I love them all... but I guess I'd choose horses and camels lol! I love horseback ( I show jump) and running. My favorite food is tacos! And my favorite country is Palau HA betcha neva heard of that! lol! I hate urmmm strongly dislike school and I absolutely love chibis! Idk why though... I'm super excited to be part of Cut-Out-and-Keep!! I'm making this finally because I finalllllllyy don't have much hw. Only algebra thank the Lord!! Well that's enough about me byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Happy
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