Hello Dear Fleshlings,
So let me introduce myself, my name is Krafty the witch. And I come from the wacky land of my creator,Timbe's, imagination.

Now you may be wondering, what is an imaginary witch doing on CO+K? Funny story. You see its kind of crowded in the imagination, and so using my magic i have created a solution to lower population.

How do you do that? i see you all ask
Well its simple my creator and i bring these creppy creatures TO LIFE! Mwhahahahah

Epp! I hear you scream
In better words we sew them to life! Using my magic hands and Timbes crafty skills we make these creatures into Plushies, drawing them out of the dark depths of Imagination and into the world where they can live and be loved for there own uniqueness!

And that is why I'm here, to share all these creatures with you, And hopfully bring some of your imaginary creatures (friends)
TO LIFE! Mwhahahahahhaha.... cough
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