Hi =] My name is Marsha Flint and im really new to sewing, i have 3 pets (2 dogs and 1 cat) and out of all of them only my oldest pet (Odie, 5year old chihuahua =])loves for me to dress him up in warm clothes year round even though i live in one of the hottest parts of South Texas. I have a wonderful husband, and if it wasn't for his side of the family i would have never learn how to crochet. Im in the process of making my own quilt which is uneven and i have messed up on it but hey, its my first one and there is always bound to make mistakes.

If any of you have any sewing patterns for a small dog plz msg or add me so i can try to make it for my Baby =]

Love to meet new people with great personalty's =]
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