I work part time for two Psychiatrists, which is appropriate since I tend to be a bit crazy sometimes. I have a great hubby who has the patience of, well he's just patient with all my craziness. I have two gorgeous son's, the eldest is "Ike", a retired Marine who lives and works in Georgia. He also happens to be a talented musician and has made some like minded friends with whom he plays at local clubs. My youngest, Benny, is a senior at Kent State who plans to live and teach the English language in Japan after graduation. He was fortunate enough to have lived and studied in Japan for his sophomore year. Back to me...I'm a thrifter and have found several great consignment shops that have helped fund my love for shopping! I have great ideas when it comes to style and design but, sadly, have two left hands! I'm always looking for new ways to use old things, I guess it's called "re-purposing" these days. This site looks like a winner so far!
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