I've recently got in to crafts after being inspired by my Nanna who used to make all my old clothes, I have just inherited all of her sewing kit etc so looking to do even more crafting now; my Nanna is my inspiration in everything, she was the most beautiful woman I ever knew
Music- I play saxophone, clarinet, piano and I sing in a choir
The choir tours round the world and with them i've sang at St. Paul's cathedral London, Notre Dame cathedral Paris, St Peter's basillica in the Vatican, Oratorio del caravita Rome and next week *JUNE 2012* I'm singing in St Mark's basillica and the church of san salvador in Venice! I also recently got my grade 8 singing (Y)
Sports- I love horse riding so a lot of my projects are likely to be horsey, I have a horse on shared loan called Harlequin or Harley for short; I absolutley love him, he is wonderful, he is only a baby and we don't compete in huge shows but we get on so well
I'm also a trained lifeguard... looking for a job!!
I leave school very soon, A levels have been the hardest thing I've ever done but I'm hoping for good results. I'm planning to go to uni next year to study geography- I am a total geography nerd ;) but I prefer the term geography ninja ;)
Crafts I do:
Jewelry making
I really want to learn how to knit but after many attempts I am still failing Happy I'm also trying to learn how to crochet
Atm I'm making a hand sewn patchwork quilt for uni; it is taking me AGES but it's gonna be amazing Happy I also want to make a patchwork elephant like elmer
I love:
anything vintage
scarves- I have at least 70
stash Happy
trimmings- I buy them and never use them :|
travelling- I want to travel the world and have a huge world map painted on a wall and decorate it with souveneris of everywhere I've been
Johnny Depp
handmade things
post it notes
photo frames
the colours turquoise and bright blue

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