What to say? You can find most about me by looking at my interests! I love trying new crafts, or old crafts with new twists. I have done sewing, hand sewing, embroidery, crewel, latch hook, cross stitch, knitting and crochet. I have done rock painting, watercolor, acrylic, ink resist, calligraphy, decoupage and pastels. I love to cut out anything with scissors, including but not limited to scherensnitte, kirigami, wycinaki, chinese cut out, papel picado and lots of paperdolls! I have taught crafts, rubber stamping, candy-making, origami, sewing, collage, leathercraft, copper embossing, drawing and watercolor to others.
I am currently working on a 3-strand necklace that I am designing, designing paper doll proto-types, a wizard of oz collage box, an American President collage box, researching Haiti and organizations that provide serious help, helping a friend sew a Cinderella dress, helping a friend finish a quilt, mounting and framing some cut-paper art I have finished, singing in the choir at church, and starting an improv group at church. I am seriously behind in my rubber stamping endeavors, so have a stack of supplies waiting to be finished into cards.
Not sure where to stop! I am looking forward to learning resin jewelry making, beaded ornament covers, Chinese brush painting, more crochet, bead looming, and how to make a decent jump ring for jewelry.
So, I guess that is me. For now! I have a super supportive husband and son, and so many wonderful friends that cheer me on, provide criticism, and are true and honest.
Life is good. Heaven is better.

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