Hey i'm Ecardina A.K.A Hans.
I'm rather arty and enjoy drawing and photography.
I also like writing- although anything past fan fiction seems to be beyond me.
I'm being taught Opera- lawl. Honestly its not extreme.
I love reading- though have a pet hate for anything super girly x-X
LOVE MOTORBIKES! Zee love is der yesh.
I also love watching films :3

I joined this site because I have lived some sixteen years on this earth without doing anything constructive and now wish to be able to make my own stuff.

I really want to be able to sew on a button that doesn't fall out within a couple of hours.

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Eva · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US · 65 projects
Hi!I lovelovelove Philip Glass and am also learning Opera as well!
Käpt´n Toasterkopf
Käpt´n Toasterkopf · Germany, Pennsylvania, US · 53 projects
Hmm, noone ever wanted to sit on it...can´t imagine why :3