Errr, Hii? I'm Mathilde, i live in Amsterdam and i'm obsessed with Gorillaz and Blur...
Bands and shit; Gorillaz//Blur//Red Hot Chili Peppers//System Of A Down//Malle Pietje and the Bimbo's//Hole//Nirvana//The Pretty Reckless//Snoop Dogg//NeverShoutNever//Muse//The Prodigy//Die Antwoord//Amy Winehouse//The Beatles//David Bowie//Simon and Garfunkel//Me First and the Gimme Gimmes//Sex Pistols//Anouk//Green Day//Radiohead//
And more but i lost my iPod and i always get a blackout when it comes to the music i like. I'm sorry for my bad English btw :')

I also like manga, anime, drawing, Monster energy, Sushi, tea, memebase, food, Jackass, horror movies, tall guys, The Inbetweeners, british accents, coffee, my Blackberry, pokemon, my Gamecube, my brothers, lace, bandshirts, Asian candy-shit, Amsterdam, Creepers, longboards, Yan Yan, Nutella and much, much more.
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