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Such a compliment that you want to recreate some of my projects! Wish you the best of luck!
Georgia · 21 projects
Thanks for the fave on my plastic bag bracelet Happy x
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello my dear friend and goodmoring as well;-D
yesterday i was sooo worn out of the trip to haarlem.
at some points my new home was dissapointing, but i love it though and it's a good solution to live there for me.
the big big bedroom is hugh it's like a ball dance room.LOL
The kitschen is very large, not my fave place.LOL and the livingroom was smaller and the tiny bedroom was really tiny , there was a store room that was filled with machines allready-S for the water, the heath and the air-S . on the drawing they had planned it differently, i was supposed to set there my wheels to uploaded on electricity. It's cant.LOL
and in the toilet must set my waschine machine?????!!!! strange.
i found out that in my new home there will be some bumbs too-S
I can't have them anymore so i must asked Haarlem for some more adjustifications. My neck is almost broken, sooo i'm very fracile at t he moment.
the appointment and interview wasn't nice, i knew that, and of course Gerard made some mistakes, didn't liked it.
I had told him don't talk about that , thats not their busniss, so it became a large item for them.
but... i have signed the papers and saw the bathtube by t hem. it's a big sized one.
large and comfy, when you will use them they lay you on a comfy brancard and then with the brancard (all electric) you will tilled in the water, and you lay in the water on the comfy brancard bed.
When you have made an appointment for the bathtube they will stay the whole time with you, not in the same room, but in the kitchen so i can asked for tea and reading a book and playing my own music.LOL
i don't know if i wanting that, but... perhaps one time.LOL
i know now it 's working great but after decembre the service will less. all about the policy of our coverment-S
i have allready problems with that -S
and the saving of money is strange , they don't look much further so the cost are much higher then their savings-S
the adjustment i need for now is a problem as well in my own community , i had told the worker of disabled persone that she acted strange, i think she didn't listen to it.
so she told me by voice mail that she has stopped her part and i will heard of her later whom is taken over this.
i wasn't suprised.
but i'm soooo glad to set free of those crumpy people, the haarlem people are much kinder and friendly.
allthough ... we parked in the garage and took the elevator , i told the people that i wanted to share in, but they didn't helped so i came stuked to the doors-S
so i told i'm turning my wheels. i didn't wanted to watch them.LOL
sooooo friendly.LOL
Gerard didn't understand soo he told me you don't have... i said i do.LOL
On the corner on the mainstreet i saw a good artist shop. I remmembered him of 30 years ago, i was glad that it was still there.;-D
LOL wooow that's great to memorize all those phones of others.
I only could remember my mums and of John and myself.LOL
I always must make a help to memorized them. but now i have an easy it was a quickly learned.
hmmm i saw this morning that the illness of muis is come back.
sooo she must go back on the prednison. i knew it would be that, they couldn't cure her, but this is too soon.-S
she is still eating (she has lupus on her lip, it's not really lupus but then you understand it, it's an aweful cat illness that let dissapair the flesh.
Now because i know she has those troubles it's in a real early stage , the first time she had allready after the ulsers , leazies.
but... my vet showed how soon i was with him, he showed me horrible pictures o f cats with the same conditioning but much further stage.
poor cats but for me a relieve.LOL
aaaw that's sooo sweet of you grandmother to look after you all and those cats as well;-D Please tell her that;-D
I think we had the same thunder. i heard that a farm house in the north of holland was deystroyed. The hubby read the news out loud for his blind wife and when he told there will be coming thunder and storm, they heard suddenly too much noice so they hurried out of there house and it' was done.LOL
sorry, for my laughting but it was a little bit comic how he told this story, i felt sorry for them that they lost their house-S
and much trees in the north are blown over , they are still having their leaves and the ground is too wet so they are easy for such a storm to falling down-S
in my neighbourhood nothing happenend but we have had the same problems , in my subburb we have all flats and all build in the same directions so it's hard for those trees to stand the storm.
in my new street there aren't trees, but i will have my own on my balconies.LOL
but because i'm living on the corner of my building i can see a view further away and watch some trees as well.
and much sky to see, on the other side .
i like to watch the clowds.
now it's all grey here , more autumn weather, cold , wet and windy.LOL
My sis had a cat that lives with two other families as well.
Sometimes she didn't got home, so my sis asked all the other people if they had seen here, and two families are telling here oooh did she lived by you, she is living by us, so that's why Roos became soo much weigth.LOL
smart cat.LOL
good of you to do some other work just now.
i didn't do thuesday and wensday much on my work, today it will be the same.
my new pink wheels isn't good delivered and after months the gay that must fix it will come.
we are fond of each other.LOL at first we were in love , but when he heard how old i was, it was over.LOL
i knew that, so it was a tiny dissapointing.LOL
i felt only sorry for my own stupidity.LOL
i said to myself aaaaw soo sorry jet now no body will tells you're a sweatheart, or darling and so on. And suddenly Gerard said it, soooo i was okay again.LOL
Gerard isn't my friend , we are working together so its a working relationship , but we are really fond of each other, his wife is my friend.;-D
I hope you can buy the same embroidery yarn for your big project.
tell me when you're project is here, i will fave you.LOL
no ..... really i do!!!,XD
hey h ave a nice good fun crafting day and gave your furrie friend some gentle strokes of me
and... for you all my love, and many hugs and tons of kisses..XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
good afternoon my sweet friend
it's good to be lazy sometimes , good for the soul the rethink all the learnd things and to get real socialable.LOL
i'm very bad in those t hings but that's all about my jumpy brains.LOL
What will you planned to make? or is that a suprise.LOL
yeaah i'm soo glad i have nasthy above neighbours soo alot of my asthma attacks are from them. I can't stand smoke of a sigarette anymore and they are smoking inside and outside the whole day long-S
Poor longs.LOL and... they haven't isolated the carpeting so it sounds that they aren't humans but olifants living above me.LOL
when i have migraine it's not funny. Lately of all my neck damaging i have almost everyday a migraine or just a normal headage. soo i'm lucky to go away.
I'm very socialable and always in a kind cheerfull mood when i'm outside , and allways entertaining so i always connect easily.
but making real friends will cost more time, i don't have many real friends left after johns death.
soo it''s good to go away. a real fresh start and beginning of a new periode of live.
like that, i have done this some times ago more.
i wish you the rest of the summer many sunnydays till you must go back to your study.
hey when will you heard that you have passed them?
i'll will cross my fingers for you!!! it's not sooo easy with typing but...., i'm doing it to wish you succes.
this weekend i found the letter with my new telephone number and i have learned it out of heart.LOL i 'll tried many ways out to spell the numbers but i'll think just one by one was the best way to repeat it.
stupid because i can read it out of my agenda.LOL
today it's not a good day for me, i'm having a migraine day, i have taken pills for them soo it's feeling i'm recovering of a bad flu.L)OL
so i'm lazy with my thoughts .
Wolfje is catching flies, she is really good in them, she brought one alive in her mouth-S but when she wanted to give him to me as present, he flied away.LOL
poor puss.
muis is sleeping on the couch she has her fave place there.
like that.
good of your parents, my mum is like that too, but at that time she was married with her seccond hubby and he was very itimidated, and she had to listen to his rules-S
My mum was brining all the life money in, he didn't worked, it' was a horrible man-S
i will spare you the details.LOL i don't like the winter , i love the sight of the snow but.... when there lays too much i'm stucked in my house for weeks.
the last few years it was too much snow, and lot of my wheel friends were stucked too, we missed each other.LOL
normally we don't see each other too oftenly so it was a little bit rareLOL
the thunder was quickly over, all was fresh and clean and good for the trees and plants outside. i like that fresh smell of the air.;-D
hey i must take my break now because i 'll forget it again.LOL
have a nice monday and.. much sunshine and happy crafting day as well
love you, xoxoxooxoxooxoxoxooxooxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello and goodevening.LOl it's again here eve.
times fly!!!-S always when you want to do too much at the same time.
but i did a few things which i had planned soo i'm satisfied.
Wooow you are living far away from me. and yes indeade we live in the same time zone.LOL great so i never have to count and think of in which part of the day you are living.
a friend of mine her partner is from your country, he is very handsome.LOL
don't know if everybody will be that, but i like to think they do.LOL
he is very blond totally not my type but he wasn't mine bf.LOL
i'm a city girl, i was born in Amsterdam and lived there till my twenty th and then i went to utrecht. I have lived there on several places but on my last adress the longest time.
i need to move, My house isn't good driveable made. So after many years i finely will go to my fokus appartment. It's a normal driveable appartment but the care and help hours which i need will be served by Fokus on 24 daily basis so i'll have an normal live there.
Now i always must ill or not set the alarm clock to awake in time for my help, or i never can be spontanious to go out late, then i will.
i must just ring a bell.LOL
so it will be much better, there are too many problems which i must deal with everyday in this appartment and in the building.
Okay in my new appartment i can't go by my self only on one balcony.-S
the seccond one which i prefer i must always ask for help-S
but... it's better then now.
and my friends show my new home to there daughter and they were yellous.LOL
yeaah it's a nice city i have met John there (john is my partner that is gone for 6 years) so i'll leave his place as well, we lived nearby each other.
we had our own houses but we saw each other every day. the last years i was his care persone,
but in my heart john is moving too.LOL Now i live far from the centre and because of my problems with my neck i can't travel anymore so i can't go to the city myself-S
then it's just drive out my front door flat and... i\m in the middle.
The first years i lived in utrecht i was living in the centre in a old historical small house, it was cute but very unhealthy.
then it was allready 120 years old, when it was raining outside it was raining inside as well.LOL
and everywhere grown mushrooms on the walls and on the floor.LOL
i have lived there 7 years.
Now that neighbourhood is very populair but in my time it wasn't it was one of the not soo great places to live.
i liked it.
so i like the big cities i have tried to adjust to a village but.... i couldn't stand it.LOL
i had every week to go to the city to shop and being all around the people.
When i studied on the art academy in amsterdam , i didn't liked to live there again.
then i found it too crowded , i think it is by you the same.;D?
but haarlem is much smaller then Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the capital city of our country and haarlem is the capital city of the provincy north holland.
sooo it's feeling i'm going back to my roots.LOL
i have missed the strange funny humour. Gerard my adhd coach has the same sort of humour so we are font of each other, he is always teasing me.LOL
i'm good in that as well.
we have both the same jumpy brains soo it's fun to work together.
i'm glad that i've found him, his wife is my friend. we are all of the same age so it's fun.
about your avatar name he is tooooooo long for me to spell correctly, but i like the translation of it.
jet is my real name. it's an old dutch name not tooooooo populair.
it's fitting me. so i'm glad with it. I heard of a britisch girl that Jet is a gem that is very black.
we call them in dutch gitten.
He what are you studiying?
lol i always are curious sooo if you don't want to tell it's allright with me.LOL
Maya is a beautiful name!!!!
My grandmother was a tailer too, as kiddo's we were alowed to play tram on her sewing machine , it was such an old one which you must move with yourfeets.
i have learned on such an old one sewing too.
but, because i had adhd everybody thought i was just stupid so they send me to the economical school to learn how you must become a mum and wife-S
okay later on they noticed i was much smarter but because i was just a girl , i had to stay there because i would later married.LOL
so just in front of my 18th i was alowed suddenly to go to a higher level, and later on could go to a high studie. and later on much later to the university.LOL
sooo i wasn't stupid at all. I only have dyslextie and discalculie which is not fine.
but reading is going well know and for counting there are machines.LOL
i live in a good time.LOL
Oooh on the economical school i learned on the wrong manner to sew sooo i hated it. Later on the art academy i learned the other and better way to sew.
more confection , i liked it suddenly.
but we learend as well to draw your own designs in patterns still like it.
but not too much ironing.LOL
Yeaah i liked it too that we have found each other.
hey must you go to school tomorrow? some schools are started allready in holland.
then i wish you much succes.
hey wish you a nice comfy and cozy eve and sleep well, nice dreams and ooooh ooh yeaah you're are starting with your addiction.LOL
With my britisch friend we made a lot of jokes of that to start here an AA group for just addicted crafters.LOL
hey till soon.
lots of greetings from a very dark utrecht, it looks like there will come thunder-S
and much love and hugs and fun;XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Patlidzanka, thank you very much of your friend request, i like to be your friend as well;-D
and yeaaaaaah we're now friends.LOL
by the way still welcome to this site, i hope you like it here alot, (alllthough not tooo much, this site can be addicted.LOL I was.LOL)
much fun with all the crafting projects as well and... much inspirations;-D

You're very welcome about my fave and the comment, lol it's always working that way.LOl i always see more tutes to fave when i write a comment on a other member profile page as well.
most at the time all the new projects are sooo much and sooo overwelhming , it's an overdosis of pictures to check so i miss some and will get a rechange by those profile pages.LOL
Thank you for your nice compiliments, i wish you much fun with the trying out of mine.LOL
hummm i'm impressed of your neatly sewing , well done , really love it.
i'm not sooo patiecend with sewing.LOL
i don't like to iron the whole time, sooo-S
i use my sewing machine for other things for drawing with it.
or just small projects. allthought.LOL at the moment i'm working on a hugh project on the sewing machine, i'm making a glass curtain of paper scrapts.
It must be 3.70 cm by 2.60 and i have the 2. 60 by 1m70 cm only.
sooo i'm on the first 1/3 part.LOL
it's for my new home i 'll move in octobre to an other city, i'll go to Haarlem i've got a appartment on the roof in the middle of the old centre sooo i'm a lucky girl.
and... it's except one balcony all driveable.
sooo it's an excithing periode for me, if you like to write , i always write back.
but... be warned i can be a big talker, but don't worry i never expect the same of others;-D
hey have a great nice eve (it's here eve) and a funny lazy crafty sunday as well
hugs and kisses and greetings from holland;-XD