Yes I am a guy. And no I'm not gay. I enjoy music, especially The Beatles and Owl City. My favorite color is purple. I live in Ripley, WV, that's about 30 mins. north-west of Charleston. I'm in the 8th grade at Ripley Middle School. I like to make wallets. Out of what you say? ANYTHING! Mostly duct tape but I do have a few made out of a computer keyboard circuit sheet. I like to browse the Internet and I love memes! My favorite is probably "Facepalm" and I say and do thaat quite often. I also use Instructables. I like the whole concept of steampunk, cyberpunk, and dieselpunk. That's all I'm gonna tell you! Puh-ece!

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Thanks for the fav! and I haven't posted a pattern yet, but the next time I make one I will because I lost my old one.