hmmmm well for starters i'm a girl...and like most girls i have an obsession with mustaches...but now real ones...drawn on ones :{)
my hear beats to the sound of PARAMORE and ima keep it that way Happy
i absolutely ADORE Jeremy,Hayley and Taylor, and if ever met them,i would have to go to and EMERGENCY room. [haha see what i just did there?]
also,because i said i would,here!

you say FIGHT! -i say *RIOT!
you say terrible torture- i say *misery buisness*
you say it'll get better- i say it'll be *brighter*
you say smashsmashsmash-i say *crushcrushcrush*
you say jonas bros-i say wtf then i say *PARAMORE *
you say miley cyrus-i say what-are-you-smoking?! then*hayley williams*
you say taylor lautner- i say *well yeah but...*taylor york*
you say jeremy sumpter- i say...yeah him too but...*jeremy davis*
you say karma- i say *thats what you get*
you say the worlds ending -i say *all we know is falling*

♥ p ♥
♥ a ♥
♥ r ♥
♥ a ♥
♥ m ♥
♥ o ♥
♥ r ♥
♥ e ♥
copy and paste if you love paramore.

i have a pretty big obsession with reading,glitter,purple dinosaurs,Chuck Taylors, Leonardo DiCaprio [when he was 16] and my celeb CRUSHCRUSHCRUSH [not planned,i swear] is Taylor Lautner Happy

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