I'm a crazy, fun loving person who loves to learn new things. I've got a spare room that I can't get into coz it's so full of craft stuff! I love pretty much all crafts!
I've just got 2 new kittens to go along with my 4 guinea pigs, 4 tropical fish and a bearded dragon.
I previously worked in a school but have just been made redundant Happy I really enjoyed this. Myself and a friend started a craft club which the kids loved. My pic is from the last one we had which we made simple beaded braclets. I love this pic and it's a nice memory of this time. I also got to do lots of displays while I was there which I also really enjoyed and am go to miss doing.
I recently moved into my first home so there are lots of craft possibilities!
I like things that are a little bit 'different', for example, i'd much rather crochet a teapot with a skull on it than a plain one!
Oh, just one more thing...I LOVE PINK!!