Hey everyone! I am new here so it will take me a while to get the hang of things. So far I am having fun looking at different projects! Hope to make my own when I get some time. I adore making stuff,it can be anything from toys to little patches sewn on to clothes ect.. I like do big projects and little ones. One day when I have uploaded some projects I can share some tips with others..ect...it will be good! Anyway thank you for reading and happy crafting! - Blue Teapot
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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw thank you for all your sweet comments and the faves as well on the heathing pillow projects.
I think that in your bear must have been plastic for stuffing him.
some toys have plastic baggies in there feeds or hands like filling.LOL
You can check this out by pinch it between your fingers when it sounds like a plastic bags then you know there only t here,
then you can try to remove it. and replace it with polyester or cotton balls .
Yeaaah lavender is very lovely indeed.
it's remembering of my nana, when i was sad and had to cry as a child she always gave me her clean herkerchief with some lavender water on it.
so everytime i smelling lavender i must think of her. but lavender is really makes us calm down. so it wasn't sooo strange of her at all.
i loved her with all my heart.
she is now for years death. In the end she got dementioning problems.
she didn't reconized me and all the others.
only when i talk with her of her hubby she was smiling ;-D
it was lovely to watch the change of her face when i asked how is Jan.
then you could see suddenly the loveliest smile ever of her;-D
No more pain and suffering and anxiency for some moments;-D
like magic.;-D
Yeaah my cats love this too, but you must make a good thick wrap for it.
or put it in a tied up washcloth.
Oftenly i use for the cats the scarfs to lay on.
when i lay them in mybed some time before i will go my cats are on top of it.LOL
smart huh?!!!!
the toys, because cats are fond of the smell they like the toys.
don't know of dogs have the same with that smell.
by heating it the smells come back.
wolfje likes to fight with them with all her claws.LOL
she got made of the smell.
Muis has problems with her sight so she likes the toys with a sound more but this smell is working for her as well.

the mitten pillows are fun for you as well because during the winter cold you can preheath them and put them in your pockets of your coat. My friend Karin does this.
her daughter loved them as well, but .... Karin told her you must make them your self, this are mine.LOL
last winter i told her you must used them again. And then she remembered them.;-D
my mum is using them as well only inside the house for her pain in her hands.
she has got two broken arms now.
hummm i'm sthinking i must write some cards for her and my little niece. (of 175h.LOL) funny she is still my little niece. but she is really big.LOL
but i'm fond of her, she is sooo sweet and friendly.
and she is beeing hospitalized so it's a hard time for her.
so till later, loved all your talking to me and the faves as well and the comments;-D
more hugs , kisses and fun for the both of you;-D xoxoxooxoxoxox

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL found just the newest mail of yours.
You're completly right about the desguis of Cat and Wolfje.LOL
I think Muis is doing much better she used her voice a lot often and is more alive then ever.LOL She has a low voice like a siamees cat so.... it's not fun to listen too.
often i'm asking what are you telling me , aren't you angry.
it's sound sooo crumpy to me.LOL
Wolfje talks the whole day long, but she has a high voice and not ther reall completly raooooows but more aaaw or mmmm and then i know what is is telling me . I 'm almost a mum with a baby that can tell of the sounds of the crying what's the matter with the baby.LOL
So when Wolfje don't like something she is telling this, but the visitors don't
so i translate it and they telling me nooo she loves this, which isn't true.LOL
They have got now their afternoon food so they will search for a place to sleep the whole afternoon.
like that.lOL
love to watch them when they are asleep.
sooo sweet those tiny mouths and the carelesness and thrust on their faces and to watch them dream. that 's funny.LOL
oooh awesome that you doing the same. with all materials all around you.
we look like each other.;-D
my friends are now adjust to this.
but when they come i always lay things aside. soooo t hey don't know the real mess of m e.LOL
Okay much to read for you, take cake and care if you can eat , or just a tint bit.
hope you're really better today.
till soon hugs and kisses and lots of fun;-D xxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOl i have send you the last one before i watched my incoming proper mails
so i'm glad to hear that you're almost better.
aaaw sooo sweet of Cat that she is staying beside you and take a nap with you.
yeaaah our furries using the best glue ever.LOL
it's better then super glue because it's still sticky after they are set of the bed , they always glueing again.LOL
awesome to make t h e neckerchief of lace.
LOL yeaah those pups are not in normal proportions when they are babies.
i always must laught of that.
but i like them better then babies, i don't like babies. they are look likes old people faces.LOL
but i know i don't must say those words to their mum so always tellling it's a beauty soooo cute and so on.LOL
some day John and i were in a museon and took a break and then we saw a daddy with the most ugliest baby we ever had saw. John was stunned how the dad loved that ugliest child.LOL
i had to laught of it. told him you would be the same.LOL
We never had children of our own. so.... LOL
My little niece she is now 17th was a tiny baby as well , she wasn't looking great, but i didn't told it to my sis, last time she told me this as well.
She said the same things which i saw as well. like that we all thought that she was probably a retard child.LOL
she wasn't.OL
but i thought when she is then the md 's are telling my sis this news. they didn't .LOL
and they were correct with that/
hey take it easy and calm down for some more few days.
so you can be feeling very soon like a super crafty girl.
gave cat some more strokes and for you much embroidery fun with the lace neckerchief it will be sweet for her.
love to watch this.;-D
all my love hugs fun take some tea and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my friend
i have found some links for you.
but the other one with the inside painting i couldn't found anymore.
On here there must be a tute as well. for inside painting your clear glass xmas balls.
on every side of the bottle (inside of the openside)
you must drop a drop of coloured paint
then let it slowly move all around then you will got a pretty inide coloured glass bottle like i did with hte shaving cream paper but then with real paint.
think you can better use paint for inside the house for doors and windows.
the other things i have found the links:

Perhaps you like it or not.
but they are funny to watch so , ....LOL
it's still strange weather grey with air with thick layers of clouds , think there will fall some rain.
i will have a busy day, three appointments , two calls to make and Gerard is coming on the end of the day.
helping to found some adresses for the moving, i have done this before but then i got only one offer, which wasn't the best.
and much look for carpeting or something like that.
i know what i want, but.... still not found the best offer as well.;-D LOL
and some boring other things like md's and going again after my neck brace.
They told me to wait for 6 weeks , so i waited 7 weeks and they didn't do some action , and the only thing they did was wrong.
they blamed my health insurancy but when i called them they told it was to blame the shop, so i called them back and asked them to do some action for me, but... i heard of the voice of the woman that she didn't wanted to do, soooo inpolite-aargh.
i thought i must asked Gerard he is better in those things then i'm
and it's for me very importend so it's harder to do such things.
must clean as well.
but i'm working on a awesome project which i prefer to finish.LOL
always the same.LOL
my furries are sleeping i must tease Wolfje her eye is inflammed that always the same trouble with that brand of cats.
but ... this is the best when she see that i have a cup of water in my hands and some cotton balls she knows allready that i will make her eye clean.
she hates it, but she let me do it with out hissing and scratsching and biting.
Muis is the same, very easy with given meds and those other things they don't like for getting well.
Do you have problems on that with Cat.
hey give Cat some strokes and a small gentle kiss on her head.
have a funny fine creative day.
love hugs and kisses;-D <3
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaw that's funny i wrote you the last comment i had just send it and then i saw an new one from you comming in.
woooow that 's good that you're almost better.
good to hear.
lol yeaah i'm worse with taking meds. i must take them on time.
that's the problem , at first i had to take them every 3 hours, it wasn't almost to do. so that 's why those md 's getting angry or upset on me.
i know why and so on... but wim that has got the car wasn't he only came sitting next to me to try to find out why i forgotten them.
then we made a new shedule and phone a lot of new changes.
but still it's a problem i have know alram clocks two.
my sis saw them she uses the same meds , and started to laught she asked do you know which one you must set.?LOL
but it's going better because Gerard is helping me to remind me and learning me tricks.
so.... when i'm really old i'm a prof.LOL
love that you have kept hose coca cola bottles they are awesome of design.
i saw that you can glitter them inside, or paint them with different colours.
i will send you some links to get inspired.
or make of them just cardstands or vase or a pen holder .
must think of it.

aaaw thats funny that Cat is doing the same.LOL awesome. Do you see Wolfje and Cat looks likes each other.LOL
Your cat things she is a cat and wolfje things she is a doggy.LOL and both fond of smells.LOL and its great to hear she laying on your lap that will helps as well.
although.... muis when she is ill she wants to lay underneat my sweater apon my lap but i don't alowed to move the whole time.LOL
then she makes noices to let me stop.LOL
but... that was after her surgeries.
then all pets and people are want to be a quitly hidden safe place.LOL
hey it's almost 19.15 so i must stop now , still must do some vacuum cleaning and clean my crafting materials away for tomorrow for Karin.
i have told her this and she told me i'm doing the same.LOL
i think women are strange persons don't you think too? LOL
when my persone comes that must help me with the housecleaning i'm always do alot in front.LOL
stupid.!!!! but i have heard this from a lot of others as well.
hey sleep well and more kisses and hugs and i love to talk to you.
and enjoy the warmth of Cat , give her some more soft gentle strokes
take care and take cake.;-Dxoxooxoxoxooxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
oooh don't worry , you will tell me later some news;-D
hope your feeling a little bit better,
being ill can be boring.
yeaah it's an computer programme for painting, drawing designs and foto editing.
its a expensive one, but there are cheaper programmes as well.
i had the luck that John bought all the programmes so i could use them.
but in those days i was very lazy and didn't wanted to learn all the things you can do with that programme.
it's sooo much that it's hard to learn.
later on i have bought a book of dummys and photoshop.LOL
i knew all ready some thing but by using this book i have learned more.
still must search in the book for how things must be done.
there are always a lot of possibilities how you can do the changes.
that 's why it's hard to learn.
but. ... when you use it oftenly like me it's getting better.
John didn't liked to watch me when i was working on my comics with photoshop.LOL he always told me hummm you use only one tiny bit of the possibilities this programme has.
but... the problem was i'm not raised with a computer i'm from the age that we all were against those computers because they costed alot of jobs for just normal fabric people.
but now i know it was true but... not all , and i can't live with out computers anymore , both my wheels have a programme in them.
i use differen wheels i have a big yellow one and with that one i can go by high things , in the other i only can ride but he is smaller and looks more cool.
it's look like a sport wheelchair.
and my new one but i can't still ride in that one is pink with red.LOL
the old broken one of mine is orange with red.
i will pimp the pink one some later.
i'm satisfied of my day. i have given some projects a layer of primer and i have made some plastic beads with a mirrow look, i found tin tape and tape it on the outside and then i wraped it over with the rest of the plastic strip and then around a stick with the heating gun it's great.
i want to use them for a windchimey i'm making.
and i have started on a toy of my niece , it was a sort of bradz closet thing.
it was all fake but i saw it can be awesome.
it had fake doors so i have cut them out with a knife and now i make the shelf and the connection for the door, (doorswings)?
but then of cotton stips.
and then i must do alot of other things but... i have done some progress , i have some dollhouse teasets , several, and i like the idea of setting them in that fake closset toy.
thing i will make it kitschy and a little british.LOL
hope you will be quick all well again.
does it hurt?
hope not. i'm used to pain, but i know when you don't , it's aweful.
Are your family suportive for you, hope so;-D
i loved it when john took care of me when i had to stay for some days in my bed after a surgery.
not really a surgery, but ... don't know how to say that.;-D
still learning of you all , my english is becoming much better.
aaaw sweet of you to think with me for ideas.
i think i want to make my bed in a kind of closet like in the old days .
and then just in front a curtain with fake windows and a door and plant throughs.LOL so i will lay in a small house.
i'm fond of dollhouses.LOL

hey give Cat some gentle strokes of me , i hope she is suporting you.
my cats does that always but then they used i th ing strong glue because i can't move them away.LOL like Cat does as well.LOL
smart pets we have though?!!!!;-D
hey much getting well soons and hugs and kisses to comforting you and other warmth thoughts .
and love and hugs and kisses and some fun , laughter will help us as well to cure;-!!!!D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw that sad to hear
wish you much better soons and getting wells.
in dutch : beterschap;-D
take it easy please and try to drink fluid .
or ice pops.LOL
i don't like fluid so i have bought molds to make ice pops my self but yesterday it all went wrong all the sticky not iced water was falling on the floor.-S
but one was really yummie.
but it isn't the right mold i think, i think i can better use it for my crafting materials.LOL
often buy thinks like that for my crafting materials.LOL
aaw thank you for your big complements.
i like to make recycling things a uk friend of me on here told me you're the green crafting queen , i loved my new title.LOL
such an honour.
but those dogs stay little , wolfje is a middle sized cat now so think much longer then a normal cat (her back is long.LOL)
so i think your sweet Cat can still lay in side as well.
yeaaah she is really funny wolfje.
she didn't liked to sit on my sis her lap.LOL she miauwed noooo i don't like it.
but my sis picked er up and hold her, she was only waiting when she could leave.LOL
i think it was the smell of my sis. i having the same problems. not a bad smell.
but too much .LOL
Wolfje love the smell of the aftershave of Gerard so she loves to be huged by him.LOL and then she smell days later after his aftershave.LOL
humm not my fave smell.LOL
i told t hat and then Gerard used less, but he has forgotten the story so it's now the same dosis .LOL
i love to make things with a joke so when i made the present of his meds he loved it and had to laught.
he told the whole day to every other worker hey just come and see what Jet have given me.LOL
like that.
but he was a good friendly md , liked him,
often md's are getting angry on my because i'm not good with meds , always takes them too late or i forgot to use them.
my gp asked why i don't want to go to the fysical therapist i told her i forgot to do the exercizes and when i'm coming back they tell wooow you have done such improvement.
which i didn't do at all.LOl so the message is like you don't have to do the exersizes at all at home.LOL or i do them all wrong and too much at onces.LOL
my gp knows this too well and had to laught and was agree with it.
then she gave me an other opportunity but that special therapist is for me to far away-S
must call next week for the new brace for my neck, hope they have made him allready , don't think that. but....
this isn't much fun anymore my s is said to me the same.
woooow i'm a big talker for your illness head.
hey take it easy my friend gave your sweet Cat some gentle strokes and a kiss on his head.
and for you much strenght and all good warmth thoughts and blessings and well soons and so on.
and i will think of you
lots of comforting hugs and kisses of me.
jet <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi my dear blue teapot
thank you so much of your sweet comment on the carkeyring project
LOL i'm tooo busy suddenly with recyling all my wrapping of meds.
but i noticed as well, ooooh my gos i take tooo much meds everyday.LOL
i'm just a wheeling chemistry.LOL
i was 14 day ago sooooo upset of the chemistry they didn't wanted to give me the prescribtion of my higher dosis of meds-S
i had to wait for some weeks.
don't want to hold it anymore up. so i lent some of my sis.LOL
hate that when they doing this, like i was a druggy-S
i'm not because i always forgot to take those meds.LOL
i have stopped with them it was very easy, but it's not good for my brains.
so later on i had them again to swollow.
hummm i have made thursday an other project of med wrappings.LOL
my sis had to laught of it but loved it i have promised her next time you may have it.
oooh i have throw a lot things away for my upcomming ever moving (i'm waiting now 1,5 years .LOL) and yesterday i found a little school chair and thought that's mine. LOL i know my helping friends don't like it. i have such a table so.... it's great to have the chair as well. I think i will pimp it.
the chair was allready painted with a boring colour, my sis told me it's a nice colour but... i told her it's tooo grey not bright enough.LOL
i love bright colours or light one but with out black in them.
so sad !!!
Strange because when i was studying on the art academy i did this trick the whole time.LOL specially with the pink colour.LOL
but at that time i was wearing alot black cloths as well.
now no longer .
About the picture in the envirement it was a lot of work, i had the idea to make more of t hem. Mayby later some day ;-D
and huraaaay of photoshop.LOL
i'm working now on a photoshop design as well for making curtains.
mayby when it's finished it will take a lot of time i will show it you;-D
it's about little girls of the age of 6 sometimes they look like little angles.
so that was the idea but without the wings.
i was invited to watch inside my new home to be but... i can't -S
i wanted to know how the measurings of the curtains has to be, because then i can make them in front.
but perhaps i can ask it to the house cooperation.
now they have let me know i have to wait for an other month.
still are angry on how they have behaved to me. about some big mistakes about the wrong adjustment for my new home.
it was too much money for the wrong things-S Now i can't open a lot doors not by my own-S
i have taken up this, but it will cost alot of time so i think when i'm living in my new home it doesn't is right allready-S
stupid, they community workers told me we didn't know that there where two balconeys in your house.
two on both sides of my living room. and one is private the other not, which is done -S i could come to that by my front door so stupid to don't asked the renters how they will live.
i had more quarrels about this, they told me were i had to sleep!!! i asked why , and they i gave some smart answers.LOL so i don't want to sleep there.LOL
okay the alarm is not in my sleeping room but... i don't care about that.
it's next to me in the living room as well.
so... more waiting but more time for making projects for my new home.;-D
hey have a nice good weekend be crafty and have fun!!!
lots of dutch greetings and hugs and kisses;-D xxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, my sweet friend
how are you?
it's here strange weather sometimes it's really summer althought it's still not summer time and sometimes it's feeling like the early start of autumn.LOL
like that.

humm all the changes, i 'm less time on cok so i thought i must check the faves on my new project and saw your name and thought first i will write you.
i'm busy with all kind of new ideas. like that.
lots of work but more the art work i want to do.;-D
i think it's a project for glass curtains, with little girls.
little girls has something i think like fairy tails
and dreams and all t hings is still possible.
like that idea.
i have asked my sis how large Levi is she told me he is something like 60 cm thats large, but i don't know if she was right.LOL
she told me that Levi don't may lay on the couch anymore, so he wanted still that , and he stood next to my sis and suddenly she saw that hes behind was on the couch but the rest of his legs where standing.LOL
smart though!!!LOL
i think levi looks like wolfje.;-D
both are too clever.
From my friend i heard that the know suddenly an other birmilla, but she is grey with silver shaded , so i asked what do you prefer and she said wolfje.LOL
i think she is right the lighter version is not soooo beautiful, as kittens i thought it would be swell but when i saw wolfje her mum with the same colour she have it hought okay she will be awesome ;-D
but they had some golden ones too, LOL
and a bronw version wihich i loved as well.
but i could only got wolfje. and i think that was the best kitten i could got.LOL
still not know when i go to move.strange this waiting periode;-S
okay now i don't know more to tell
hey have a great rest of the week my friend and be crafty;-D
lots of hugs greetings and kisses
and love
jet xxxxx
Sarah D
Sarah D · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 31 projects
Thanks for the fave on my ring! Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
woooow then you live in a awesome beautiful country,
it's my dream to travel one day to your country.
Read a lot of books of it.
awesome old history.
soooo inspirating.
yeaah levi is a strong name, it's jewish but i always must think of blue jeans.LOL
it's a brand name as well.LOL
my sis is awesome with training dogs.
Yeaah it was a hard job for the both of them, but, now he is awesome.
Glad of that.
yeaah they did the same they had left the mum and two of the pups in a closed shet and didn't care of them.
so the mum died and the puppies where with their mum for a whole month without food.
so he was by the police found and his sis as well.
he was almost dead too. sooo skinny and too tiny. Yeaah it was horrible , later on my sis heard the real story the breeder had beaten his wife so she was rescued by the police and they have placed her in a special hidden adress of the breeder.
the breeder was in prison and nobody know about those dogs.
but its now fine for levi.
Karin is fond of him , they protect each other very well.LOL
Karins envirement is a hughe neigbhood in amsterdam were dogs and pets are not so commen , they are very afraid of Levi, but levi is afraid for them.LOL
so Karin had offered those boys a deal when you don't do bad things you will safe of Levi.LOL
it's working great.LOL
hummm i don't know how big or tall he is but really very big.
i think but i'm sitting he is my size , he come above me.
but i use a fastframe wheels so it's larger then a the normal wheels.
so oftenly people thinks i 'm a child.
hate that.
so... they often pad my shoulders of give a stroke of my head.aargh.

Some of m y choire members did the same when i was telling something they gave me strokes on my bag>!!
so i did the same when they told something as well.LOL
humm didn't helped to stop them, so laer on i told them hey i'm a normal member like the others so please stop with your strokes.LO:
that was working.LOL

he has still to grow and he is now allready almost two years like Cat.LOL
Glad that you have got her,
aaaw so sweet that teacup story loving it.
Had to laught of the shortcut of Catelena her name. It's sounds like you're telling it's a cat.
Muis has the same problem , (in english muis is Mouse.)LOL
When my sis her youngest daughter ,(she is now 17 years) was just three years.
I was by t hem and my sis and i did some shopping and my little niece was sooo tiered and i took her in my wheels on my lap.
and she was talking about muis. Muis was at that moment a kitten as welll.
she asked me Jet how do you call her. i told her Muis (mouse)
oooh.... silence, Jet what will she say, i said miauw;-D
Long time silence ... suddenly she said to me, huhhhh a mouse that say miauw.?
Karin my sis and myself were trying to explain her it was not realy a mouse but just a name.
but she didn't understand it.
that weekend she visited her nana and told to my mum her friends Jet has a mouse that says miauw. !!!
my mum had to explain that i was Jet and i had a new kitten and so on.LOL
so i love Cat too.,
NOoo Muis broken her leg 2, 5 years ago , and then 1, 5 later years from that she had again that surgery , it was last summer-S
yeaah my vet is telling me the same i'm good with cats and i'm good for them.
I don't know that really but i know how to nurse them when they are ill.
Muis always wants then under my sweater on my lap. Now i 'm a wheelie it's good to do, LOL so she must be a happy ill girl then.LOL
Wolfje don'tlike that she wants to be covered with a blanky and then laying next to me.
today she had to complain a lot there was a fly flying in my appartment and she couldn't catch him.LOL
so she was mouwing loudly , LOL
yeaah i always thinks she is thinking she is a doggy.LOL
Muis is much calmly but with the meds she behaves like a young girl.LOL
must laught of her.
i have grounded some projects outside and it was drie so i thought i can add the seccond layer but then it wasn't dried in time-S
so i have set it inside, bleugh smelling sooo dirty.LOL
Have written a tute.
it's an long one, but you don't have to do all the steps.
i thought when people will m ake their own scene then they can following these steps as well.

My sis has such a sheepdog as well next to Levi, wooow that 's horrible story , people can do strange things-S
Yeaah we really are tough cookies.LOL

Yep i have seen those prices on the labels of those cloths.
Karin my friend had lost the first coat during a holiday, so i told her if you have bought a new one take it with you so i can make a pattern for you for an other.
but... she didn't.
they both had to laught of the skull on the coat.LOL

i 'm a bad reader oftenly i read some parts and not the real whole thing.
i doing the same with the normal mail.
when i won the country prize of a very expensive dutch shop, i received a letter.
but i only looked at the envelope and thought okay i must hold up my work.
but later an hour ago i opened and start with the last line.
like i hope we haved informed you.
hummm okay i thought.
some minutes later i read an other line next above it.
so after 2 hours only ready my way to the top line i found out that i had wun the top prize is was not onlyl number one of one shop but of the whole concern.
i had toa laullght about my silliness reading.LOL
i have problems with reading i have dyslextie but i have learned my self good enough reading and reading but sometimes it goes wrong.LOL
fun and friend letters are going well but those others-S
yeaah it's still a problem , it's not well known , so... i always must explain a lot.lOL
And that special problem it's underneat the drug law so it will be hide behind doors and with special protocols . People must sign them when they have given them, two nurses, so thats oftenly the problem and... then when they forgot it to sign the forms they don't will got new ones.
it's very strickly, strange because i have them in my own appartment just laying around.LOL
i oftnely tells that. but i think the nurse that had done it wrong could lose their job so i think that was why she denied it.-S
i often think i must bring them with me and given just a small part to them.LOL
so i have them in time and it's going better.
i have now three of those special meds that is underneat that drug law.
last time i was waiting for my prescribtions in the chemistry and it all was again wrong and they shouted to me i can't give you those meds because it's under the drug law.aargh.
all the waiting people looked at me like a was a drug addicted persone-SSSS
When i need diapers, they do secretly about it and speaks on a low soft voice, and those hughe packages are always hiden in big plastic bags but everybody knows what is in side.
LOL sooooo stupid so i always makes me angry when they doing these things with matters i don't want to share with others/
i have such a cup as well , it's very roomy and has very large handles beside to slip my hands in them, and he has such a lid too.
often people thinks i need that, to drink ,i don't , i only used it to travel and let my drinking save of bugs and so on.LOL
thank you that you loved my work.
yesterday i did too much so i have again much problems with my arms and hands but because i 'm back in my strenght it's not a big problem i try to do less.LOL
still didn't do my taxes. aargh.
i only n eed to search for one paper ... i know where it will lay so this is stupid.
and i wanted to do some ironing. but i can't feel the heath so it's now too dangerous.
humm sounds like a lot of excuses.LOL nooo it's true.
badly but... i' m okay i have asked for an appointment with my fave gp.
she is an artist as well so we often speaks not of my health but of our same jobs.
one time i had to the hospital for a stay, and... they md 's asked me what said your gp? i had to t hink hard because i couldn't tell them ooow we have just talked about our artworks. and she bought a piece of art work of mine.LOL
so i said something oooh she said i had to hospitalized by you so ... i'm now here.LOL
she didn't understand such a vague answer.LOL
My gp and me are of the same age so it's feeling okay.
like Gerard and Karin .
LOl about aging you can show the age by clothing them elderly.LOL
and given the elderly doggies suplies like the real one needs but then for dogs.LOL
often i think of those idiotic idea's.LOL
my lilac birmees was not aging as well because she was almost cream of fur.
i had a black tomcat that was looking sooo old by his grey hairs on his legs. it' was sooo funny, his brother had white legs so he didn't looked so old as well.
like humans.
i was in therapy and a woman there was two years younger, and had grey hair.
i don't dye my hair but have still my brown /red colour of my own, so i looked much younger.
but i think i was thinking and behaving much younger as well.
it always made me sad when i h ad to listen to her stories she only was laying and waiting , and didn't do nothing.
it must be boring for her children and her hubby as well.
i was happy that i was just me.LOL
hey give Cat some more gentle hugs and kisses and for you my love many dutch greetings and sleep well and lot of hugs and kisses .
hey tell m e what did you draw? humm sorry always curious.LOL
i had a time i only draw cats and monsters. now i draw all sorts of things.,
hey till soon my friend and my furries loved their tons of warm hugs, they lay now cozy and comfy of them on my fave place on the couch, i must try to remove them to have the place for meself;-D
little miss blackbird
hahha when i was in londen a nam in a shop started to talk to me. only he was scottish and talked extremely fast>!!! the only thought of to say was: uhhhh yes of course.. LOL
grrr. the english teacher found out how i don't do any thing during her clase. because i was done with the chapter in about tree lessons. so i was drawing in sketchbook. she wanted to take it from me but i convinced her i needed that book and that i would do something 'useful' instead. on what kind of school are you?
my school is pretty relaxed. i'm in the third year of highschool on VWO (that's like the top level). this year we have to choose between 4 profiles (techniques, science, economics and culture) do you have something like that???

ps. love your username!
little miss blackbird
hahaha fun! i used to have that. my parents and my brother are dutch. and i was born in america. but when i was younger we lived in belgium and we would spend christmas at my grandmothers in holland. when we were there i would always take over the dutch accent and the kids in belgium woul make fun of it when i came back. now i have lived in holland for 5 years so i don't have the belgium accent anymore (only when we meet belgium friends i can switch over to belgium xD). i was in londen just this week for school. we had a great time. i had been there before so some of the things were pretty boring but i explained a lot of the stuff to my friends and needed to translate everything. because i was born in america my father still speaks english to me and i speak dutch back. so my english is pretty good. one evening we went to the musical (les miserables) and i spend the night explaining the musical to people in front of me and next to me. the musical was great and now i'm humming all the tunes from the musical, it drives my friends crazy!
xxxxxx merel
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
lol yeaah i think you have choosen right about sizes.
i had choosen for birmees cats because they could fit in ane bag to travel on my lap.
but wolfje is tooo big for staying with muis in the same cage-S
and she isn't sooooo adorable towards muis.-S when she loves to stucked to muis , they sleeps tightly together but it must be wolfje that decides this.
so when i does this that they must stay together it's not going well.
Muis and her sis were awesome Indi was a very caring sis for her.
Muis have broken her behind leg complecated 2,5 years ago , so she had to stay scaffloding in and outside with metal pins (like people sometimes have) in a bench for a half year and it was for the both of us a horrible time.
but everyday Indi was visiting her so when the pin in muis leg was not fixed inside anymore and made more damaging and again muis had to be surgery on her knee and now with a plate and srews wolfje didn't want to visiting her.
so now when they both have to go to the vet i must ask Gerard to come with me.
he likes that.
last time i thought that muis had cancer on her lip but it was something else not deadly but not fine either.
sooo Gerard joint me to suport me.;-D
Gerard is in the first place my coach and then a friend. his wife is my best friend.
so i have choosen the wrong cat.
yeaah it's very strange when you watch her closely but she isn't a real cat in all the other things she is more a doggy.
so karin is always asking wolfje say woef.
if i call woeffy she comes too.LOL
wolfje i meant.LOL
not my friend.LOL
yeaaah its a very large sized dog the deenish dog is the biggest and then this kind of dog comst next.
so the secoond place.
my sis (called Karin as well) i know tooo many Karins. ) wanted in real a dashdog, there was one but her daughter was very depressed so my sis told her you may decide which it will be.
so she choose for this large sized dog. his name is Levi.
and he's well raised by my sis, he was allready a half year and was treadted badly by his breeders its an aweful story...
so Karin (sis) had to raise him to don't pee in house and so on, he wans't adjust to nothing so it was a lot of work and her daughter was tooo depressed to do the job.
so it's now Karins dog and not of judith.
Now things everybody it's a awesome brand dog to have, so suddenly a lot of people has bought such a dog , and that wasn't sooo smart because you must be strickly to them, not all people could handle this dogs.
poor dogs.
my sis is awesome with dogs and have had many of them allready.
Later on judith asked mom can we have this small doggy (such one you have)
the owners didn't want to have him anymore and left them by t he vet -S
but Karin said noooo way you have a dog you had choosen and don't care about i must take care allready of all the cats of both of you and my own cat and my own dog three dogs is way to much.
so it's stays for now i think with those two.
Levi is very clumpsy but adorable , i'm not a dog persone but both of the dogs of my sis i love.
the oldest is such a working dog and will always play with me so i must throw the ball away, like i do with wolfje.
i think i have done today to much. -S my hands are hurting now-S
but i have filled all the firms and written all the cards i had to post by normal mail so i'm satified and have started an other project.
i was allready started with an other it will be a mobile, but i had to think and then i saw the kettle on the floor staying and thought okay i will make holes in it.
it was a lot of work, my hands didn't liked it.LOL
because i thought i drill them easily but it wasn't going that way so i had to use a nail and hammer.
then i thought i can drill holes in the forks and spoons , no way.!!! i had to bend them i have done two and thought i must do every day one because other wise i can't do this whole week nothing.
so i was wize this day.LOL
and that on my age.lol
Yeaah we having the same voice my sis and i , we are like twins , not with body mess but we do alot similar. My sis and i are very closly like twins because i was when i was a little kiddo her mum, mine couldn't do her job .-S
so we have something special with each other.-D
we have the same jumping brains and humour and are often cheerfull.
only she is ill seriously as well-S but she is like me a very touch cookie.LOL
I was forgotten that we had the same voice but that time i had asked my sis to join my tear yearking choire and my choire master was swell with us both.LOL
we have a very special voice. i think not but i loved to h ear this big complement.LOL
my sis too.LOL
her daughters has the same voices as well , i always must ask who i have on the line because i can't say whom is who.LOL

muis will be better but it will come back like herps with people.
i must watch her carefully. i'm good with cats so i think it will be okay for muis to live with me.LOL

yeaah i think he will laught about the card.
yeaah i don't will do that dressing a cat or dog totally , i have seen that some years ago with doggies with special sunglasses and caps and so on, it' was totally fitting together, it must be expensive .
i had to laught of it, i don't think the pets likes that and when they don't need it why must you do that.
i know some doggies has long hair in front their eyes and then such hairpins are handy and then why not a bow.LOL

aaaw sweet of you to jump to my site, but... it's a dutch site. so all is in dutch i know some of the words you can google for the translation but some of t he comics are very dutch.
they are published in dutch magazines so... that's why the dutch.LOL
and i'm just a dutch girl like your other friend on here.;-D
yeaah tell Catelena she is the best hugging dog ever.LOL
give her some more gentle strokes and tell her that she is very brave.';-D
i will telll thanks of you to my ladies.
hummmm they are sleeping again. aaah i wish i could do the same.;-D
i'm a terrible sleeper, i sleep to less hours.
not fine, and when i open my eyes i'm all jumpy.
i was for 6 weeks in a hospital and i made everybody crazy in the morning.LOL
they never had seen somebody like me.lol
i can talk the whole time. so the nurse always had to asked me jet please , it's only 7 hours in the morning and i must stay with my head by your medication
it was a problem for them all the time.-S
one day they gave me tooo much, aaargh i was sooo ill of it and when i told to the md what was happened they deneyed it-S
i was very angry and upset, i had made a big problem for them to tell it to the board , because it was tooo worse, and they had if i had done that go to punished.
but i didn't i only asked them please be mush careful with them.
i always check them my self but in a hospital i must give them to the nurses and it must be locked away it's like drugs.
it's not a drug for me, but... that the law.
so when they make mistakes it 's making me soooo illl and it's not good for my brains as well.
i always have a lot of discusion of those meds with those people.LOL
it's for the adhd,
at first nobody wants to believe i have adhd so when they don't give my meds they know of their mixed up brains and crazyness of my jumping brains i 'm having adhd brains.LOL
i always have this battle, not funny, but most people only know men with adhd and not women, and i'm using those meds so it's not directly notified by them.LOL

i know their doggy and my friend Karin is right to weare her that raincoat, but teasing Gerard with the coat is awesome.
last i found a sweater with a skull on it and told Karin this to make that on the coat so it looks more tougher for Gerard.LOl
she had to laught , so we often make plans to lets Boemer looks tougher by outfit for Gerards walk.LOL
it's the dog of their daughter but she don't have the time now to care for her, so Karin is now the owner in real, she is good for her,
oftenly i must laught of their stories with boemer.
and i call boemer , boemermans ... (translated i 'm saying that boemer is a boy like a neighbour.) Karin must laught of it, but Gerard said crumpy noooo it's boemer she is a girl jet.!!! i told him i know but this sound much funnier.LOL
then he knew that i was teasing him.LOL
Gerard teasing me always , i can stand this.i doing the same as well.
so it's okay .LO:
hey still don't know where do you live of coming from?
you told me of cold winters so i don't know how to place you.LOL
we have cold winters as well.
so.... you can live still everywhere.LOL
aaaw so sweet a teacup doggy.LOL
did you try to set her in a such a cup and... was she really fitting?
funny. they looks like puppies , i saw a doggy of yours and thought it was a puppy and then i heard it was allready 6 years old.LOL
small is always adorable;-D
i love to draw , but i have tooo long draw for all kind of things and so everybody knows me only of my drawings and not of my art work.
so the last 6 years i'm working on my art work as well.
i love that .
but oftenly people are stunned when they seeing my art work because they only knew the drawing of me.;-D
they will adjust.LOL
hey sweetie have a nice eve with your glued catelena and... give her for her sweet yummie hugs some back and cuddles as well and for you all my love and hugs and more kisses;_D xxx

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOl must laught of your comment the more the mearrier.LOL
aaaw thats sooo sweet. my sis has a very large hughe sized dog, it's a canis corpus that's the size like a deenish dog.
Gerard my coach is always teasing her with you must move for a bigger house for that dog.LOL mY sis has a very big house but that dog is filling the living room, he don't have to jump over the couch he just steps over it.LOL
but i love him, it's love on both sides.
the first time he was afraid of me, He never had seen a wheelie so my sis had put him in his bench and i saw how afraid he was for me , so i remembered suddenly oooh we have the same voice i must talk to him.
so i did and then he wans't afraid of me because i was almost my sis alike.
and he wanted to lay next to me on the floor to be my fave friend insteade of laying on the couch with my sis.LOl he tooks the whole couch and my sis can nearly sit on it.LOL
to big.LOL but he has the same problems always having it cold.
so my sis asked me must i give him a sweater. for tiny dogs it's normal for hughe it's still strange she told me.LOL i said do what you think it's the b est.
my friends had an maltees doggy and its a lovely girl but we have a lot of rain and bad weather and cold oftenly and then when she is all wet it tooks a whole day to dry the fur so she has it cold.
so my friend bought a raincoat for her, and when it's raining or wet she always wearing that coat. but her hubby don't like that. he is always tracing the weather reports to walks outside without the coat.LOL
always teasing him.LOL
so he's ill and have send him yesterday such a card with a dog with a sweater on.LOL
and send my friend a lot of patterns to make for their doggy.LOL
but i like it when it's cold and it's helping, so why not.
but they must like it as well the pets.
Muis has an allergic and hayfever as well for the envirment and on food too.
so she was likking her bold till bleeding too.
at first i din't know why so i had made a small fitting coat for her in a tiger print.LOL
to stop her hurting her selfs. then the people of the care came and it was a boy and he was asking me are you such a person that dressed their cats?
i thought stupid cow, you can see it's just something else. so i said yeaaah she has a whole colletion of cloths dresses and skirts and socks and caps and heads with bows and flowers.
.... huhhhh
he didn't understand i was joking.LOL ... argh.
but later on we found out what the real reson was so she don't weare those things anymore.;-D
and it's the first time she is all covered up with hair, because she must swollow the prednison meds.LOL she has a serious not killing cat deseas.-S
it was going better but.... i saw friday it was starting again-S
i have promised my self i must watch it this week and then it's not better i must go back to our vet.
it's like herps by humans only this can be worse. so she has ulsers on her lip that can be so worse that it made the flesh disapairing. but so badly it's not because i was in time with her by the vet.
Lol awesome two big talkers cozy as well.LOL love that.
aaaw that's funny about it was a movie avatar. i still love it.
and the teapot name too.
yeaah it's my own drawing i look like that.LOL
on my site you can see her as well but then in a comic of mine.
it's not mine stories , but i had to quickly needed a new figure for a comic and i thought why not my own avatar. so ... she came alive.LOL
but sometimes i told that busniss nooo way she don't want to do that.LOL
like smoking, i don't smoke and ...LOL
so she is still sometimes just me.LOL
hummmmmmm yummie i loved the hug of Catelena.
from mine furie friends some liks and head bumbs and of me a big hug and lots of kisses and have a fun lazy crazy sunday afternoon;-D <3
little miss blackbird
haha that's no problem!
where are you from???
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello my friend
how are you?
i'm a tiny bit b etter, sooo glad of that
so i'm feeling strong like i was before, and having a better mood as well;-D
i'm sitting in front of the other computer, not the finest, but... i can't watch the norifications on the other one-S
wolfje is laying on my lap she is tooo big so i must sit uncomfortable to give her more space.LOL
i think you have done it great to choosen such a small doggy.LOL
I thought wolfje would be tiny too , she was the only one with such a small head, hummm she still has.LOL so she looks like a sf cat a too large body with a tiny head.LOL
but she is still too clever.
hey give Catalene some genle storkes and i hope you will have a nice fun day and a better week as well; love hugs and kisses
jet ^-^ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Blue Teapot
Blue Teapot · Clonmel, Tipperary, IE
Lol I keep posting my messages on my own page grrrr Happy
Blue Teapot
Blue Teapot · Clonmel, Tipperary, IE
Hey Susanna P. your very welcome,your scarf is great.Thanks so much for the welcome! Happy
Blue Teapot
Blue Teapot · Clonmel, Tipperary, IE
Thanks little miss black bird your to kind,also thanks so much for accepting my friend request xox Happy
little miss blackbird
well you'll get a hang of it pretty soon!
it's not that hard!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, you can use wrapping paper or just cut out flowers of coloured paper of out books or, wall paper.
oooh i give too much ideas.LOL sorry i always run off with more ideas.LOL
i'm always doing the same as well i'm working on tooo many projects at the same time. i have too much work that is laying down all most finished-S
but.. some are finished , happely.LOL
Yeaah you're welcome mayby we m ust make a group for it in real.LOL
i have a cook allarm to set standing next to my computer because i know my self too well.LOL
it's helping !!! Gerard my coach came up with this idea.
aaaw so sweet that she does the same.;-D
yeaah those tiny pets are sooooo adorable , i t hink they know that too well.LOL
Wolfje is now much bigger and i think for a birmilla very hughe.LOL
birmees cats can be tiny , so i thought wolfje would be the same but i think she could with cloths if she had them she needed a XL.LOL
nooo i don't give them cloths, they are beautiful of their own with fur.;-D
and they only will come on the balcony so it's not cold for them.
aaw so you can do the same , big talking, awesome i love you even better.LOL
not all people loves this of me. so i always send them a warning.LOL
one firnd of me is always complaining but i 'm always does the opposite of him, when he telling me at the end you're were the whole time talking, then i 'm telling you 're too silence.OL
i always ask him everything so it's strange of him.
it's his problem.
hey i must go now , thank you for your hugs and all the lovely things and the same for you, , by the way i love your avatar , t he name and the picture!!!
hey all my love and hugs and kisses to you and cute Catelena. ^-^ xoxoxooxo
little miss blackbird
thanks for your comment
Susanna P.
Susanna P. · Rome, Lazio, IT · 43 projects
hi blue teapot, tahnks for you nice comment on my loop scarf and welcome on cut out and keep
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, again, aaaw so sweet your fave and the comment on my dutch jewels project.
lol that's funny that you have such a keyring, , are they from porcelain or wood?
i have them in porcelain as well, tooo adorable.LOL
but i don't use them because i know i will crunch them by excident.
i can be clumpsy by m y movements;-D
so i like it that you will make rings of it as well.
Hey where are you living? In europe?
then i can understand it.;-D
hey till next time, hugs and kisses and much fun;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi thank you for the friend request , love it , and love to be your friend
be warned i can be a very big talker.LOL
but that's me, you don't have to answer all my comments if you don't want too;-D
i know we all have our own live as well.
yeaah they are the same, it's all of comforting and being cozy, sometimes i think they have glue on their body so tithly they are stucked to me with their body's on me.
they are sleeping on my bed and sometimes they takes too much space so i can't move anymore.LOL but pushing them away isn't possible because they can make their self too heavy to push away.;-D
You can make the house from more then one big box, if you want to do that, just use for the first adding the wrapping tape and then glue some paper on it to be sure it's painting well.
about paint you don't have to use t hat, you can use pretty paper on it as well.
and then adding a layer of varnish.
i having the same problems i see to much things and sometimes it's sooo much eye candy that i only watch the computer with a dizzy head.LOL
I always started with things i must do at first , like such a thing for the cats, i had that box for over a year in my house, but because i will move to an other city i had to decide now or never.
so suddenly they had their house finely.;-D
and with other things i have the same. mostly i'm working now to make of all the scraps things for my new home or for gifts to give.
it's a strange way of sorting things out.LOL and cleaning my materials.LOL
wooow i see you have faved a lot of things i love as well.LOL
yeaah this site can be addicting.LOL With one friend we had a lot of fun , and we make plans to start an special addiction group.LOL it was just joking.lOL
But lately .... with the new notification system i'm less on cok.
that's sad.;-D
but okay...
hey give your Catalena some gentle strokes of me, and super that you liked the help of the answering of the comments.
i did the same. and was glad when people explained it as welll;-D
yeaah it helpt me to give you the right answers and to make a upload so thank you very much as well;-D
hey sweet friend have a very nice comfy eve and a very crafty creative weekend, and if you need help or somethings else with this site or with crafts just ask;-D
lots of dutch greetings, hugs and kisses;-D
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Knotted Fringe Scarf Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Blue Teapot, welcome to co&k , hope you like it here alot and having much fun with all t he project, and...finding some friends.
aaaw thank you very much of your sweet words on the comment and your fave as well on my dutch cathouse.
aaaw so sweet of you to make this for your chihuahua;-D
i think he'she will adore you much more.LOL pets love to have their own safe space like children. (hummm grown ups as weln.LOL) i loving those plays as well.LOL
I have update the cathouse with the sizes and with my cats sleeping in them, i think my youngest cat Wolfje the one with light grey and white fur, is the size of such a tiny doggy you have, so i think it will work.;-D
i still must make a better pillow for the inside of it. i think dog love pillows too.LOL
my sis has dogs and in both of their benches there are pillows and sheets in them.
i have heard my friend has put some for her dog inside as well.
When they will have small kiddo's on the floor their tiny dog is always hide her selfs in hers bench for those little ones, because she is been hurt by accident by a little one.
they can be clumpsy those little children. so she is saved for them.LOL
so i think it's quper of you!!!
i'm still flaber gasthed about the durableness of my house, wolfje is always playing on the roof to clap with her paws throught the windows to play with Muis inside the house.LOL and still all the tiles are laying on the roof and the curtains are hanging still as well.
Only wolfje loves to pick the flowers out of the plantthroughs so i'm glad i have put those polystherene foam in them so it's easy to put them back.LOL
hey wish you much fun with making it.
hope to see your result on here as a version;-D

By the way it's not critical meant but if you want to write a comment back click on the avatar name so you will jump to that persone her/his personal page .
i have made that mistake as well, so don't worry i only wanted to help you.
so you can be more communitive with other;-D

hey much fun with your doggy and have a great creative crafty week as well;-D

Blue Teapot
Blue Teapot · Clonmel, Tipperary, IE
Your welcome! Flowers would look good to but it also looks good without them,either way your bag is lovely Happy
little miss blackbird
thank you! i'm concidering putting some flowers on it as well xD