It all began about 11 years ago, i was working as an A.S.E. Certified mechanic for a local toyota dealership. The dealership wanted to cut back on expenses so they were going to do away with the company that cleaned all of the front line cars at the dealership.So i spoke with the General Manager of the dealership and asked what they were going to do if they fired the company that handled the new car line. He said he wasnt sure.So i suggested that maybe i could do it for some extra money to help out with my lack of income.So he said that sounded really good and wanted to know when i could start cleaning the cars! I said i would have to see what all was involved with cleaning these cars and how long it would take to do the job.It only paid about $1.50 per car;but there was 200 cars that need to be cleaned every monday and friday.So i did the math and it seemed like a good deal. I was only bringing home about $350.00 a week which at that time wasnt alot considering i was a single parent and i pretty much spent that on child care every week.So i borrowed the necessary $5000.00 for equipment to get started from my girlfriends father,who by the way said it was very smart of me to work my self to death at the ripe old age of 26!! So i borrowed the money and agreed to pay him back the money within 12 months.So i bought a very used van and the pressure washer that was older than me.Well i started to build out the van for the job.My Service manager at the time of the deal left the dealership for a better position at a different dealership the very next week.So i got a BRAND NEW service manager that for some reason thought that it would be a conflict of interest for a Mechanic of my Certifications to be a mechanic during the day and a carwasher every monday and friday evening.So after being there for 6 1/2 years i was FIRED by a DIPSHIT that had only been there for 1 WEEK !!!! Well being in the financial position that i was in it was sink or swim. So i got out there and busted my ass and worked as much as i possibly could.Dont feel to sorry for me because my ex-wife was there as much as any ex could be. She ended up getting custody of my son and it was the best thing for him ,her ,and me at the time.Well it took me about 2 years of pounding the pavment before i got back to making my regular salary of $350.00 a week.Well my hard work and determination paid off by my third year in business i was pulling down about $65000.00 a year.Well at about my 5th year i took on an invester and let me tell you; it was the worst thing that could have ever happened to me!!! I got skrewed out of about $50,000.00 within 4 months.So as normal i picked myself up dusted myself off and did the only thing i knew how to do; work hard and make the best of the situation.Well in about2 years i was making about the same as my 3rd year.Well i have a 1980 Camaro Z 28 and i wanted to start cleaning it back up.So i started getting prices on getting a paint job and getting the interior re-upholstered.But every where i went they wanted more to upholster the interior than the car was worth!!! So the last place i checked pissed me off so much i told the guy that for that price i would but a sewing machine and teach myself how to sew and do it my damn self!!! Well thats exactly what i did; i bought a sewing machine that was actually used in W.W.II !! But it was all i could afford.So my step dad the best dad that i could have ever asked for told me that i could use his old Harley seat to practice on if i wanted.So i did!! Well after about 4 different seat covers he finally liked one and put it on his bike.I spent the next year doing recovers for all of his friends for the cost of materials and practice!! Well one of those seats was seen by a local CHOPPER shop and he liked it and wanted me to start doing seats for him.Well at this point in my story you must understand that im working a full time job washing and detailing cars during the day and im re-upholstering motorcycle seats at night and on the weekends to help out monitarily.Well remember that i bought that old ass sewing machine on 11-26-2003 so everything you see on my website and this myspace page has happened within the last 3 years.I have left off alot of details in this time line due to i dont want to add WRITING a BOOK to my resume'. But i will tell you that my work has been seen on the Discovery Channels American Chopper series, and on The Biker Build Off's. My work has also been in EVERY major publication from EasyRiders to Truckin,and Makes-n-Models.Now because of my FAVORITE band MotleyCrue i am branching out to the Custom Apparel world!! I want everyone to know that i came from poverty and only know one thing to be true in life; That no matter what you do in life "WHAT YOU GIVE IS WHAT YOU GET" !!!!! I purposely left out alot of the ups and downs in being your own boss but those things happen to everyone everyday.I sold the carwash because i enjoy doing custom stitching more than anything!!!

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