Beware, What You've Heard About Me May Be True, Or It could Be As Fake As The Cunt Who Told You

I am Vanessa, but, you may call me Nesser™ or Vanessa Rage Quit.

I got the nickname Nesser from one of my friends' cousins' who was extremely high, and it just stuck. Vanessa Rage Quit comes from my brother and his friends, because I always rage quit when I play Marvel VS Capcom with themHappy.

I Love Marvel VS Capcom, And Mortal Kombat. I'm not really big on any other games, but i'm down for Black Ops, Nazi ZombiesHappy

I am a bit indecisive. I wanna travel the world, and one day i'd like to be a household name. I want to be on everyones mind. I want to be infamous. I want my name to live on and on for generations..

I have no idea how i will do that, though. I cannot sing, act, or dance. What i can do, is apply makeup. I really wanna be a makeup artist, and maybe that'll make me infamous. Hopefully..

Insult ANYTHING you want to about me, except for my makeup abilites. Yes, i usually do an overstated wing and heavy bottom liner on myself, but that doesnt mean i dont know how to do other things. I can do every type of smokey eye, apply flase lashes under 2 minutes, work with every foundation and concealer(Including airbrush), line lips with every liner, use gel, khol, liquid and cake eyeliner, do thick lines, and thin lines, and different types of wings, apply blush, i can contour, i can highlight, do a cut crease, and blend amazingly. I can do looks for every face shape, as i have already done many..

I am not Scene, Emo, Gothic, Preppy, or anything else you can think to call me. I am not gonna say im just myself, because that seems extremely poser-y. I am gonna say, i am a product of what the world has made me. I am what my enviorment has created. I am just a girl, living in the world..

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