turning the TV on as she did. Kelsey put a movie on Netflix and the two friends watched, chatting off and on through the film. By the time the credits rolled, the conversation had turned back to the fall of Kelsey’s relationship with Marcus. "I just can’t believe I wasted so much time with him. And that even after years of bad sex I thought we could make it work. As if bad sex wouldn’t ruin it in ten or fifteen years if we had made it that far." Kelsey sighed as she rolled over on her side, facing her friend. Jamie looked at her and laid back in the bed, adjusting the pillow under her head. "And you’re serious that he never went down on you?? https://webcamgirls.watch

and the current shade of purple she had suited her so well. "Kels, don’t take this the wrong way but Marcus is a fucking idiot if he didn’t think you were enough. herself. Kelsey’s cheeks turned bright pink and she bit her lip a little, nodding. "I asked him to and he said no. He said he didn’t like the taste of pussy, and that it was different than me blowing him because the only time I tasted anything was when he would cum." Jamie propped up on her elbow facing her friend, one eyebrow raised. "So he still had you suck his stupid dick?? And never reciprocated." Kelsey nodded, a look of embarrassment flashing across her face. Jamie shook her head. "Well he’s wrong. https://livecamsex.show

They drank the shots quickly and Kelsey immediately poured another round. The next few hours went by quickly as the two friends any man could see anything but pure beauty in Kelsey. She had soft porcelain skin, a curvy body hidden under a loose sweater and jeans, and a sweet almost angelic face. She changed about pussy tasting bad. I bet he’s just lazy and didn’t want to do it." Kelsey looked into her friends eyes and tilted her head slightly. "Wait, have you... have you gone down on a woman before?" Now it was Jamie’s turn to be embarrassed. she nodded, feeling her cheeks flush as Kelsey’s eyes widened. "Umm, yeah I have. https://nudecamgirls.chat
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