I'm really shitty at these about me things. I'm not even going to attempt to come up with some super witty paragraph because chances are I'll just come off as an ass. I'm always up for meeting new people so don't be afraid I won't bite, I'd love to talk anytime.

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DIS.AR.RAY · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 32 projects
DUDE! Why don't you put on how to make churros ! Everyone would love that! Happy

Oh... and, if we ever do WANT to make them with the star shape or whatever, I think I've figured out an cheap easy way to do it. We don't really need to, but it wouldn't be hard at all. Happy

WOAH, you have so many fucking movies! lol
Hexerei · Vienna, Vienna, AT
Hey there thanxs for the love...couldn't check your myspace link, it won't work for me. Its true I loves me some Bowie. I noticed you don't Have Ziggy Stardust on your movie list. Hello!