Hi I'm Cass. I started hand-making 11 months ago (officially, haha...), and I found it very interesting. Since I was 15, I like to modify my shirts, sandals, hair bands, or other accessories to something else when I get bored with them. And here I would like to mention an old school mate of mine, Carmen. She's the one who started all these modifications, and I think I'm kinda affected by her... Happy

So I started off making hand-stitched t-shirts and brooches. Friends are quite supportive on my creations and I started to sell them once in a while in art bazaars.

I like doing it, and I'm happy when I get compliments on my work. If only one day, I can do without my full time job, I'll be hugging buttons, needles & tread at home ^.^

Happy to be part of CO+K!

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