A fashion designer driven to inspire, Karma Jade’s goal is to make everyone look and feel like a rockstar by making garments that are rocker chic and edgy with exceptional attention to detail. Owner and operator of Karma Clothing Designs, KMS Couture and now the eco-friendly branch American Trash. Music is always an inspiration as she searches for new music and artists to connect with, then translates into various inspirational approaches to her designs. Karma is not your typical fashion designer by any means. In her design process, she allows her subconscious to take over and let the designs flow. Producing the designs rather than sketching them out, evolving within the process of construction. “I do love the challenge of finding used items that are discarded to recycle for my pieces, I think it gives the garment more character and can really tell a story with the wear of the fabric. I hope to show people that everything has a purpose and can be repurposed for something else even if they don’t see it right away; you just have to think outside of the box.”

For the Kansas City Fashion Week Fall 2012 Karma will be showcasing the eco-friendly line, American Trash. Creating things out of non-conventional materials not only is eco-friendly, but the challenge to create works of art out of items such as handbags into original garments that she loves. To show the world that eco-friendly fashion does not have to be white, green, or shades of beige; incorporating recycled materials in her designs that it will spark the interest of others to make conscious decisions to help out our environment. Even if these changes start out small, everything adds up and can make a huge difference in the future. Karma is always trying to promote a positive lifestyle and mindset to everyone around her in hopes that what she puts out will come full circle.

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I'm glad you like my hair styling project and wow, your shop is amazing, I am so in love with all the photography! I look forward to seeing some of your future uploads!
Roslast · Cincinnati, Ohio, US · 5 projects
I love your creations! They are so unique and cool c: Keep at it, it's amazing!!! Happy
Karma Jade
Karma Jade · Kansas City, Missouri, US · 7 projects
Thank you so much! I totally forgot about this site until now, I'm going to try to keep this updated from now on! If you'd like to see more creations follow my fb page for my American Trash line! I'll be showcasing in NY Fashion Week next year! ;] https://www.facebook.com/American.Trash.Couture