I was born May 17 1987, so that means I am 21.
I am the youngest of 3 girls. If I was a boy my name was to be John-Kyle. I don't talk much, I am quiet.
I like to read manga and play on forum sites more then I should. I also enjoy reading, mostly fantasy books.
I love animals though I have no pets. I still sleep with my stuffed bear Hero and i enjoy sleeping alot. I work part time cuz I can't seem to find a full time but since I still live with my mommy thats ok. I work as a waitress/cook.

Things I like most in the world
Cute things, animals, manga, purple, the sky, water and swimming, dragons, doggies.

Things I dislike most in the world
Polution, Coffee, Over population, Animal and human cruelty, Clear cutting, Ciggarette Smoke, Earting sea food, Really hot weather.

When I am older I want to
Have children, have pets (since my mom wont let me i have to wait till i get my own house) and travel. (have to get some $$ for that)

Where do i want to travel
Northern Canada, British Columbia, PEI, Japana, India, pretty much any other asian country, Australia, New Zealand, England, Italy, greece, germany, Irland, Scotland, Probably some other europian destinations, Africa and south america if I have the change after I see other place. So everywhere pretty much lol.

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