I fuckin love to make shit and stuff. haha. I am kinda crazy and obnoxious, yet pretty easy to get a long with if people catch on to my sarcastic, offensive and obscene sense of humour. When my humour goes political it becomes the most caustic... Most religious fundamentalists go fuckin nuts trying to talk to me, I have been kicked off buses and called the devil by them.

I love punk rock. Most of my D.I.Y. and craft projects began because I wanted to be able to wear old school style punk shit but didn't want to pay the prices of stores like DogPile and Tripp. That's not to say I won't wear these brands, they actually hold together well, but typically I buy them used from thriftshops or ebay at cheap ass prices... But my fave way to get clothes is by making them or reconstructing them myself or buying from other diy designers.

I sell shit under the name Scumrags. I live with my boyfriend that I have been with for two years.. we are both 19... so we started up living on our own since my senior year. My school days in the small town I grew up in were fuckin crazy as hell.

Fuck I'm already bored talkin about this shit, I'd rather just go look at crafts. woot.

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Jaguar · Vacaville, California, US · 2 projects
aye.very nice.you seem like a badass rad person.be my homie. :]
Crafter Monkey
Crafter Monkey · Bolton, England, GB · 6 projects
Hi, thanks for favouriting my leopard bows. I'm impressed by your forward ways, saying what you think etc. Being from Britain this is a rare thing, we're all so terribly british about stuff like that lol. Anywho hello welcome and all that jazz. Bung up some pictures of your stuff, I'm intrigued now! xx