hi everyone Happy i'm a twenty-something actor, director, and craft nerd with an amazing boyfriend and three very sweet cats. when i'm not working on serious things, i'm usually crafting, thinking about crafting, talking about crafting, or playing around online Happy

i love to make things and hate waste, so i try to find ways to recycle pretty much everything--from cereal boxes to cat litter canisters. i absolutely love vintage anything and have the over-stuffed closets and drawers to prove it!

when i have time, i list stuff in my etsy store, but that hasn't happened lately Happy i'll get back soon, i hope!

i have entirely too many art and craft supplies, books, magazines, and online favorites. i'll never be able to get through them all, but i'm sure as hell going to try Happy

thanks for taking the time to check it out. chat me up sometime!

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