Originally from Lincoln, UK but been living in Blackpool - I am currently studying BA(hons) Photography here in Blackpool.

I'm married to a WONDERFUL american guy so I'm often found travelling backwards and forwards to see his family in PA.

My photography has built up slowly from a hobby to now I get paid work that I suppliment by working part time.

I've never had any training in hair and makeup but many of my shoots have seen me doing the makeup and hair for fashion shoots and clients. If people are interested in learning how I create any of my looks let me know and I'll post a How-To. Likewise I've also grown adept at my favourite skill of 'bodging' haha I've had to make so many props and accessories for shoots - from steampunk chokers to fairy-tale crowns and fur wraps.

I'm aiming this year to start making my own clothes becuase as a size 18/20 who is OBESESSED with fashion, it pisses me off that so many high street stores like Topshop, miss selfridge etc all stop at a tiny 16. I'm big yes. I know clothes won't fall the way the designer intended when I wear them. But that doesn't mean I don't know how to style myself well and flatteringly. So I want to finally be able to make the items of clothes I spend days fruitlessly hunting for in my size or in a version that will work with my body.

I can also post How-Tos on photoshop based projects, retouching and some studio/lighting and photography advice.

Let me know what you might be interested in and I'll post it asap. If not you'll have to wait til I get round to posting new things ;)

Oh and chances are, if I've faved your how-to I may be creating a version to be used in a shoot =)

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Hoping to see some photoshopping tutorials from you since i have recently started enjoying taking food pictures and editing them ....
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Love your photos on your website especially with the 'fantasty/antique' look Happy
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Ooo...I remember a few student haunts in Boston behind the Stump. There was a long winding street called Wormgate. A really weird name but loads of pubs where we spent most of our free afternoons...Lol. I lived in digs in Boston while studying but I'm going back to 1983 so I don't think your friend would know me....Lol. Takes me back to my motorbike, rock clubs, friends sleeping on floors, pre mortgage and responsibilities days ;D
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hi and thanks for the friend add. I loved lincoln for the snow too. Especially sliding down the main street from the cathedral..Lol. My friend had a ski school just outside lincoln and one skied home as the roads were block with snow and abandoned cars. I used to go to that coffee shop. It was good to sit watching the world go by there. I used to go with my friends to a roller disco and hang round the rock clubs further up and we moored our boat at the Brayford marina, before it got too posh. Yep, it's just not the same now, everywhere changes. Sleaford has gone all chav and doesn't have the same sparkle. Suppose we have to make where we live now the kind of place we like to be Happy
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hi and welcome to CO&K 'me duck'...Lol. Bet you don't here that much in Blackpool. I spent my teenage life in Heckington near Sleaford and went to Boston Collage. Had to get out though as my main friends were chickens ;D Lincoln was brilliant for the night life though. Thank you for favouring my mini lolita parasol and drop by my profile if you fancy reminising ;)
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