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Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Ooo..that's bad customer service from Singer.

In England we have 3 rules for purchases in this order.

1 Repair

2 Replace

3 Refund

If the item cannot be repaired in warranty then it should be replaced with the same or a substitute simular if the same is not available.

A refund is given where an item cannot be repaired or replaced to a satisfactory standard.

I have had problems before with items that didn't do the job they were sold for. The phrase I use is 'not fit for the purpose it was sold for'. I've always got my money back or item replaced.

When you buy something you are entering into a legal contract even if it is a verbal agreement. You are agreeing to purchase an item and the seller is agreeing to provide you with an item fit for purpose (unless they have told you it needs attention, which they should legally tell you). Any breach of that 'contract' incurs liability.

Check your guarantee info. The fact that you were still in warrenty at the time of the problem and you informed them then means that you probably have a good case against them. A lot of big companies try it on at getting away with not honouring warranties. They use all sorts of sneaky ways to pass 'blame' onto the customer.

Check with a small claims advisor to get more info and if that fails think about ringing the company up and telling them you are a member of a world wide crafters website and you are letting everyone you know around the world how bad their customer service is.

Good luck Happy


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