Miss Charlotte Danielle Happy

Blonde, 20, hazel eyed, red lipsticked, human dolly <3

I love consoles, games & star wars. Oh & my god, I LOVE Supernatural (tv series) too! I'd say that 99% of people who saw me and didn't know me would never expect me to like what I like, & tbh I love that! I'm a creative little freaky, sweet toothed monster Happy

My amazing boyfriend, friends & family are what matter the most to me. I take my life relationships seriously, so if I call you a friend, know i mean it! <3

I can mostly be found in long, bleach blonde extensions, hair curled with some nice pretty clips, in urban decay makeup and shocking red lipstick. Dresses and waist belts are my outfits of choice and knee socks, I have been told, are my 'signature' piece. I love brown leather, 'vintage' style bags & lace is amazing! All this is usually topped off with some killer, hot heels & a glass of rose wine!

I'm a university student who studies English Language & on the side, I learn Japanese. <3 I model part time too. One day I hope to go on to produce and publish my own magazine with friends.

Bowie is my god.

I think that's pretty much all you need to know. Happy

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