HI. My name is Alketa and i was born and raised in Albania,South Europe.Since i remember creating things was my hobby and delight.When i was 7 i cut my mothers night dress to make dress for my doll.Since then i cut and cut and made tons of stuff for my doll, then i learn how to crochet and made endless yard of lace, table clothes and doilies. Later i learn how to knit and made my own clothes during high school.After i worked in a clothing company where I learned lot of things then had a big break as i moved away to work with humanitarian organization and then get married and have children. Books and learning new languages have been my passion and love and i used to write poems and stories.I love to teach the kids and cook too.But,for this moment i am to busy to create..beads and crochet. Taking pictures and uploading pictures.would you like to have a look.CHeck out my shop:

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