Well, I am a 14 year old girl that is quite insane but in a good way Happy I think... :3 I love lace and bows and black, but also neon colors other than yellow. Yellow needs to die in a hole. I have an obsession with converse sneakers, and listening/ playing music as welll. Happy i can play the alto saxophone purty good, but also the tenor, clarinet, electric guitar and piano. I taught myself all of these by ze way ;D Well, I love fashion design, and I am learning to sew at the moment though I am very uncoordinated so I will probably screw up a lot. I LOVE TO CRAFT. I'm a smartie when it comes to school, but not when it comes to myself.. I dont know exactly who I am so stfu with the labels ;) im just content being who I am and doing what I like ^.^

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