Just getting back into the craft scene after a long break. Hopefully my design skills haven't suffered much and dark niftyness will ensue.
I'm into horror movies, industrial music, synthpop, bicycles, coffee, bleach, and spraypaint.

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Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Thanks for the friend add. I'm glad that you found the sites useful. I've got a few clothing sites info too if you are interested. I make most of my clothes, as you will see from my projects, but I do have a thing for Criminal Damage clothing. I go to a university campus student union bar where us Alternatives have a night a month called Wendy House. It's 3 floors of 80's, psychobilly and industrial music....cool. I'm a big fan of Cruxshadows and my mates band Zeitgeist Zero. If you check out the Whitby Goth Weekend site there are links to photo's. There are some great outfits to inspire and just look at in awe. Happy crafting and as Jonathan said it's good to see more fellas on here. We need a bit of balance.....well I would say that being Pagan ;)
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
Thanks for the comment, glad to see there are more bearded man crafters as my friends would say lol
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
Welcome to the site! I'm also from kentucky so i'd thought id say hello. ;)
Love the goggles you made, & the dreads.