Experience purchasing genuine VNXK products from A-Z in full Dear friends, if this is the first time people are looking for understanding of VNXK fashion (Vietnam Export) then congratulations, this article is just for you. With its practical experience & safe and reliable information sources, HoYang will help customers have a comprehensive, complete and thorough overview of Vietnam's exported clothing products, including the secrets that the shops have. VNXK clothing store or hide people. The article content is a bit long, but it will give you a sufficient amount of knowledge to become a smart app consumer. Let's get started. I. Definition and classification of export goods 1. What is the export goods? As a product (popularly clothing, footwear, bags) are outsourced by major fashion brands such as Lascote, Mango, Zara, Adidas ... ordered outsourcing in Vietnam then exported abroad. . Hàng vnxk chất lượng products have very high quality because the brands require strict quality for processing factories. Specifically: * Modern machine * High level of labor * Only use materials and accessories imported from the company * Continuous testing before, during & after production process According to the contract, VNXK products are for export only and want to be sold domestically back. For materials, residual items, errors during the design process, the factory must be returned to the company or destroyed completely as prescribed. If the company discovers that the factory intentionally slips goods out or takes advantage of leftover materials, the factory will be sued & compensated according to the terms of the contract. Such a strict agent, but why is there very cheap VNXK goods available for sale in Vietnam? We will explore the origin of these goods in the following section. Click here read my blog:https://youpic.com/alidayvn7 2. Origin of cheap domestic VNXK items Here, HoYang temporarily divides Vietnam's export goods into four categories: categories I, categories II, categories III, and types IV corresponding to the quality levels: Fine - Good - Medium - Poor. Class I products (Quality like in the store of the company, 10/10) • Sample goods: Sent to the factory as a sample for mass production. Quantity only a few sets, with the words Sample (sample goods) or Not for sale (goods not sold). At the end of the contract, the goods are often slipped out. • On-line goods: These are goods that are stolen by workers while being distributed or placed out by thieves • Surplus goods are extra garments in case the product is defective or returned. • Customs: When exporting, businesses must set a few goods for customs inspection. In some cases, these goods are held in and out of business. • Liquidation of goods: Also known as failing goods, because the factories are canceled contracts to sell liquidation to recover capital. Product types 2 (Quality 8/10 compared to brands) • Linked goods: are goods designed by the method of utilizing leftover materials and accessories. However, this product often has non-genuine accessories that are replaced by external sources, because genuine accessories are rarely redundant. • Defective goods: Goods that are not qualified as required by the ordering company. Instead of cutting off or returning to the company as prescribed, some factories choose to buy the way out to gain profits or increase profits for the company. Product types 3 (Quality 5/10 compared to brands) • Stock up: Also known as copy, produced by the method of taking the leftover fabric of the company and processing it out by machines, own employees, the same design as the original VNXK product. Category 4 goods (2/10 quality compared to brands) • Fake, fake products: originating mainly from China, imitating the same designs, designs but the quality of fabrics, seams, accessories is far behind the genuine ones. Firms always have strict ties with factories to minimize the situation of its products being slipped out. Therefore, the number of types I and II types is extremely small, only about 1 - 5% of the market. The rest, type II and III products account for 15% & counterfeit goods account for 80%. On the other hand, it must be admitted that cheap VNXK goods have many points or not, many hidden corners contrary to the regulations. Because of this, HoYang, though confident in selling Class I and Class II goods, will continue to orient its own fashion trade instead of the current VNXK fashion. Get more tip from my page:https://www.facebook.com/fanpage.aliday/ 3. Advantages & weaknesses of VNXK products Advantages * cost 3-4 times cheaper than the store. * Quality as export * There are brand logos ready defect * The risk of buying a large imitation product (over 80% of Vietnam's export goods in the field is Fake) * There are many things that are not good about Vietnam's exports In order to help people somewhat avoid the risks of buying VNXK clothes, HoYang will share with everyone a few tips to distinguish genuine and fake goods. II. How to distinguish genuine and genuine Vietnamese export goods? 1. Select reputable vnxk stores Choosing a reputable VNXK clothing store means that customers have reduced their ability to purchase fake goods. A few features of authentic VNXK store identification, genuine sales: * There are many good reviews from users on facebook, google maps * Having an MST and business registration license
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