I'm a self-proclaimed "Renaissance Crafter and Artist"... I cannot just stick to one medium or type of project so I am always keeping busy with many different things.

I enjoy crochet and make scarves, hats, baby blankets, baby clothing, purses, tote bags, doll clothes, pouches, full-size blankets, ponchos and many other things.

I make hand-made greeting and notecards, invitations, programs, etc... collage pieces, paintings, decoupage pretty much anything, have made soaps by hand, beaded jewelry and many more things.

I'm a dabbler!

My full-time 'real' job that pays the bills is working as a graphic designer (Assistant Art Director) for a magazine group... I also try to do freelance graphics projects on the side...

I like visiting MySpace and Crafters, listening to crafty podcasts, reading craft magazines, and sharing ideas with others!

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