I'm a bit of a bookworm, i love reading, writing, arts and crafts.
I love working with yarn, paper, and frabic. I crochet, and do a little knitting sometimes. I'm self teaching myself how to use a sewing machine I was given as a gift. Also a huge fan of Hello Kitty, ET, Peanut Gang and Pippi Longstocking (childhood hero!)

My favorite Movies:
-Pippi Longstocking
-Powder (it was a very touching movie)
-Blade 2
-Evil Dead 1-_3
-Drag Me To Hell
-Dawn Of The Dead (fast moving zombies, now that aint right!)
-Ku-Fu Panda 1-2
-Shrek 1-3
-Jhonny 5
-Ghost Busters 1-2 ( Im still waiting for a part 3!)
-Little Shop Of Horror ( Feed me!)
-Pokemon movies
-Despicable Me
-Mr. Fox

My favorite TV shows:
-Torchwood Miracle day
-River Monster
-Man VS Wild
-Project Runway
-Super Natural
-Iron Chef
-Cupcake Wars
-Hunted Collector
-Being Human

My favorite video games:
-Gear Wars 1-2
-Metal Gear all!
-Left 4 Dead 1-2
-Star Ocean all
-Pokemon all
-Monster Rancher
-Drangon Quest
-Supper Mario Brothers
-Wii Fit
-The Sims ( I use to love playing this game on rainy evenings. I love building beatiful houses an it was the sub for the doll house I never had.)

My favorite books:
-Song of the Loiness Quartet by Tamora Pierce

My hobbies other than crafts are:
-bike ridding
-kite flying
-visitoring museums
-hanging out at the beach or just in nature in general
-reading manga
-watching anime
-playing the guitar
-video games all systeams!( I'm a huge gamer fan)
-gradening (pick this hobbie up from my mom)

My favorite colors are: pink, blues, greens, reds, and sometimes yellow.

My fave bands:
-Chuck Berry, cause I like jazz
-The Killers
-Lady Ga-ga
-Afro Jack
-Laidback Luke
-Bruno Mars
-Arion Dubstep music (RIP)
-and all music cause i'm always trying something new Happy

My favorite foods are:
-grill cheese from the Grill Cheese Truck when I can catch it
-Stuffed pizza from the bridge
-Hi-Chew melon candy and yes i know this don't really count as food
-Thai food
-Foods you can only get from the county fair once a year!

My craft skills are:
-Basic knitting
-Hand sewing
-Scrap booking(I don't mean stickers and glitter)
-Cute tiny notecards

New craft Skills I did like to learn:
-advance cable knitting
-How to sew my own clothes
-paper making
-spinning my own yarn
-fabric painting
-creating my own rubber stamps, since everyone I know shops at
Michaels, or Jo-Ann

New Year's Craft Resolutions:
-Try making jewerly out of rasien
-Try wool felting
-Join in on the swaps
-Take the 30day craft challenge

-Newbie/Vet 9-12-11 with Mary
-Start a craft Zine!

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sweetsundae0 · Ajax, Ontario, CA · 50 projects
:O There's a GRILL CHEESE TRUCK!!!!!! that is awesome!! I wish I had that where I live, I'd be in total bliss. mmm Happy
LunaLoveRose · Los Angeles, California, US · 14 projects
You all welcome, and yes I'm having a great time with this site.
Arty Kitkat
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Thanks for favouriting my crafting roll Happy
LunaLoveRose · Los Angeles, California, US · 14 projects
You are both welcome and yes i know i'm going to really enjoy this site all winter long. Happy
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Thanks for the fave on my evil book Happy
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