Dissertation Proposal Format

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• Title page
This is first and foremost section which requires the theme of research proposal, student’s name, course, year, the purpose of submission of the dissertation paper and the professor’s name who assisted in writing and research segments.
• Table of Contents
In this part of dissertation proposal structure, you have to mention all the important sections, chapters and headings with their page numbers.
• Abstract
This is very essential part to include in your dissertation paper which is a short summary of the main points of dissertation proposal.
• Introduction part
This is the outline of the topic. In this section, you have to demonstrate a clear image about what topic you are aiming to perform. Mention your thesis statement or research question and show its importance, relevance, purposes.
• Review of literature
This is one of the toughest tasks in which every student gets bored and worried when he or she is going to make it for the reason that it demands a great deal of research. The students have to evaluate the entire literature they have studied before and they should show all the major points of the study relating to the problem statement.
• Research Methodology Section
Research methodology section is the hardest part of the entire paper which must give the details of the investigation techniques and let the prospect readers know whether they are committee members or other people that why the student has chosen those techniques with pertinent causes and values.
• Data Evaluation
In this part, the students have to give the details how facts and figures can be shown and evaluated.
• Results
Under the heading of ‘Results’, they should tell the readers that what results they are expecting out of the conducted investigation.
• Timetable
Mention an organized the schedule for the completion of each and every task.
• Annotated bibliography
This is simply a list of the used data resources.
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