Pleased to meecha, duckies! I'm Samantha, but commonly go by Sam or Mina to most people. I'm an artist turned crafter, and hope to learn all sorts of nifty new things for my bag of tricks.

I've been sewing for years now, ever since I was nine and all I had was scraps of fabric and a dull hand needle I filched from my mum's sewing box. I've gradually improved, eventually making my way up to an actual sewing machine and tools instead of just whatever was laying about unattended.

I've been to school for fashion design, and while I loved it, it just wasn't right for me. I still love fashion, I still love designing, but the whole "build a design house from the ground up" thing just wasn't my cuppa. I continually sew and alter patterns when I can, and generally alter all my clothing when I get bored or inspired. I tend to have several half-finished projects laying about for when I do get the time to dedicate to them, at which point I finish them up in a giant sewing frenzy.

My inspirations for fashion are usually traced to the punk/goth movements, Japanese street fashion, ATD, bohemian styles, or NeoVictorian/Steampunk. I tend to dress in a conglomeration of these when I can (but tend to say 'eff it for those seven days of the month) and generally plan and practice things for more designs.

I'm trying to get into knitting, sculpting, jewelry making, quilting, leather-working, and cosplay. I've got a wide variety of interests and tend to be ADD, as well as busy with work and school and life in general, but I do love learning so.

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