Hallo~ im a cute pinku princess from Argentina Happy (so.. im not the best one speaking english Tongue ) im 18 ~~ and im a newbie n////n

I change my hair color all the time xD since july until now, november, i change it 4 times! blonde, pink, almost black and brunette n_n and my real color it's a red-brown (a strange color lol)

so i love to do a lot of hair updo .. so i want to learn a lot for use them for accesories :3

hmm im not good enough ~~ but i want to learn to do a lot of plushies and stuff :3 so i will be here going around Happy

Im in love with my boyfriend soo much <3 he is the best thing in ma' life HappyDD

and i will love to do a lot of cute presents to him n///n

Aigo ~~ u.u i love asian stuff , specially korean AND japanese kawaii things :3


My favorite fashion from Japan are:
The Gyaru Style (all the type of gals Happy)
The Decora Style
The Lolita Style (specially sweet n_n)
AND! i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the Japanese Nail Art !!

I'm an addicted to music... i love music from all around the world.. My favorite genre is the K Pop (korean pop ^^ ) but i have a lot of favorites bands from all around the world Happy ~~~ ! (really.. i have music from all the continents xDDDD)

I wanna be a dancer... that's my dream and i will go for it HappyDDDDDD!

Hope we can be friends n_________n ~~

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