hello there.. Happy

im NINDYA, 19 years old girl..
im now study at Brawijaya University [economy-management] and i wanna be an entrepreneur..
i love to take a walk with my friends, browsing, and make some crafts Happy

i really proud to wear something really cheap that i made.
hahaha :p

sorry if my english is not good.. >.<

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DianFitrah · Bandung, West Java, ID · 3 projects
dari Indonesia juga ya?? Happy
DianFitrah · Bandung, West Java, ID · 3 projects
dari Indonesia juga ya?? Happy
DianFitrah · Bandung, West Java, ID · 3 projects
dari Indonesia juga ya?? Happy
Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
May your hearts and home be full of divine blessings on this Thanksgiving!
Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
Hi thanks for the fave on Gucci Inspired Cut Out T Shirt.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, hi
ooooh thank you now i can say in your langues j=yes.Yap!!!!!LOL
thank you for your big complement it' was fun to make them.
i love colours, strange because when i was studying on the art academy i was always dressed black and use a lot colours that had a lot black in them.LOL
Awesome that they are good housemates, i can't life without cats anymore too;-D
oooh i have had of them a wrong bill that i don't have to pay at all, i'm waiting on a bill of them but not this. I have hired of them a ocoupation worker to help me with the fitting of my other new wheelchair.
the one that i'm riding in my house is now for 1,5years total loss, and so i must become a new one, but that's a long long story too.
i have endly order the new one, that will cost some long waiting time too, so i have phoned the dealer to give me new tubes.LOL
i have heard ar will come a very strong winter again-S and good tubes will helps;-D
these were far too old.
My new wheelchair will be bright pink, with bright red and some black parts as well but they are tiny.;-D
for one part i will knite a tube on, to make it more girly.LOL
No she becomes too fat, a fat cat can be got diabetes so i must let er eat less. No muis is very scared of Wolfje , so she don't dare to eat, so i must jump to the ground and sit next to her and then she dare to eat a tiny bit.LOL
Muis is too gentle and caring and sofly for others, Wolfje is the opposite of her carachter, so i must be strickly to her.
she is way to clever, LOL i always had heard that birmilla's were the supids versions of the birmees cat, she isn't that totally, i have had a lot birmees cat but they were not so clever then wolfje.;-D
i love wolfje really, must laught at her too, and muis is a sweetie.
Everybody loves her, she has been sick some years ago and they all loved her in the vet hospital. she lay then on the IC , so i didn't was alawed to visite her, only phone with her vets,
Everytime when i told whom i was they cried out oooooh you'r e from Muis our fave cat.i was flabber gasthed and heard how the spoiled her and take good care of her.
Later i understand why she was the fave of all.LOL
she is very gentle and too when it's hurting.
now two years ago she had broken her behind leg and it was very complicated broken so she had have several operations and after 1,5 year she had again problems so we had to go back to the same orthopedic vet and they knew her .LOL
but now she completely recouverd.
i'm becoming better, can breath more easely, soooo happy with that!!!
hey have a nice great day, i'm working on a xmas gift. i will make a tute for her.
then you will see it too;_D
hey much love , fun and hugs with xxxxxxxxxx
Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
Hi Happy Thanks for the friend request I get all happy when I make a new friend. Wow you look so young to be 19 but thats the beuty of it am 30 and people just dont belive it lol but what can I do? just say thank you for thinking am 24 lol well have a great week. take care.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Question is Yap , yap means hi, hi?
like to learn some of your langues. !!!;-D
he sweetie, much kisses and until later;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello sweet friend;-D
don't worry about me , i take good care of myself, i'ts a little bit boring now-S i'm always busy and now i can't do anything!
that's really strange.LOL
aaaaw that's soo sweet that really big compliment of yours, I like you very m uch too;-D
my website: http://www.jethammes.nl
hope you like it on there, (don't know i've i mentioned that before i have heard from others then you can use google to translate it.
it 's only in dutch, sorry for that.
i must still find some smart people that can help me;-D
And some of the comis are too dutch to understand, but they picts are okay.LOL
not all the stories are mine, some i heard from others and changed them a little to make them more black humour;-D
No the skyline i have missed , i was to late awake.
but we have now sheep look a like clowds in the air, love that too.
i have thought of making of that idea a curtain, and had make some designs but the theacher i had that time didn't like that at all. but she had a problem with my wheels not with me as person.
so i couldn't said nothing the whole time she was upset of me , so when i heard that she was the next week as well teaching us i thought okay then i'm sick at home.LOL
some other classrooms noticed her strange behaviour towards me too.
some people are not nice and good, so sad for them,
Then they are not happy i always think;-D
Love that thought of making you're owns.LOL You're a reall crafting girl;-D
I like the sounds o f the names of your cats, lovely, hope they are good furry friends for you;-D
mine trying to do their best.LOL

my mum , she was at the church , she is at one side blind, and didn't noticed that the glassdoors were closed again,
so she bumped with her hot coffee to the glass and felt down and broke her arm.
she is 84 almost 85 but she is in a better condition then her kiddo's .LOL very strange.
It's a problem of more of my age friends, with the same age parents, When they were young and lived in the big city's we had the world war II and there wasn't much to eat, so she has had less good foot either, so most of my friends of my own ages having the same health problems;-D
So when she is complaining my sis and i always must laught at it, because then she is recouvering again.LOL
but i 'm pollite and kind to her, and listen to her complains with patience and interest.
thank you for all your good whishes for me and my mum as well
really kind;-D
it's here almost at the end of the afternoon , strange how fast time can flies;-D
i have phoned some organisations and done some adminstation work, yuck don't like that.LOL
Ooooh my friend Karin called me and she told me that she was missing me and we had a lot of fun .LOL
she told me all her story's and loved all the links for new crafting projects i always sending her.
and i promised her the newest picture of wolfje.
Karin is big i'm very thin . Karin told that her daughter always telling her Mum there 's is sooo much of you, love that.LOL
really sweet, so i written beneat the picture of Karin, there is much wolfje to share with you. Wolfje is beginning to become vet
not good, she eats to much-S
Muis eats too less, so she is thin too.
hey till next time, hope you had a great nice day.
have a nice eve and sleep well tonight and for next day a funny nice day as well;-D
hey love you, much love , hugs and kisses;-D
AthAlba · Semarang, Central Java, ID · 39 projects
Aku tau ni website dari iseng2 aja browsing. Stres bikin skripsi jadinya mampir2 ke smua situs yg ada craft-nya. Yang paling nyantol yah ini. Soalnya bener2 inspiratif. Happy
La kamu sendiri tau darimana?
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi,
hey thanks a lot of asking me as your friend. Love it!!!!
Yessss were' friends, awesome.!!!;-D
like it,
aaaw so fine that you understand that i really liked your tute and understand it very well;-D
Yes i 'm good in drawing, i've make a lot cartoons and comics for magazines and some designing works for friends.
the cartoons and comics were all published in dutch magazines , you can find them on the link on my profile, but sooo sorry it's all dutch.
but you can see the pictures.;-D
they are story's of mine and others that i have made more funny , black humour.-D
i have studied art on the artacademy and it was fun, i had chosen fabric, so that what i liked of your projects;-D.
i have a very lazy weekend, i'm ill this moment, yesterday i had to go to a jp in a healthcare center to got more meds.
i have got a virus in my longs so i have problems of taken a good breath-D
so i can't do nothing so i'm answering only my mails and lay the whole day on the couch and watch some tele, with my two cats.LOL
very boring, can't talk to much because of my shortage of oxigen;-D
so it's very quiet here .LOL
yes i have two cats' i have had just one period three cats.
but two is now enough.LOL
one the little grey one is a birmees,and i have a birmilla, her furr looks like a polar dog, she is way to far smart.;-D
she is behaving more like a dog so i have called her Wolfje thats translated in englishe little wolf, Muis is in english Mouse.
how have you called you cats?
they are good friends for in house.huh?!!!!
Hey what kind of movie did you have watched and that's smart of you to go window shopping that will your pocket appriciate .LOL
i don't have much money either , so i must be carefull like you.
and only window shoping is fun too, and you alwasys got some new ideas of it.;-D
I have just called my mum she is an elderly now,and has a broken arm, sad for herS
hey have a nice eve with your friend or is she allready gone to her own place?
hey have a nice eve and sleep well, much love, greetings and hugs with xxxxxxxxxxxxYou've made me curious.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi, hi again.LOL
awww that 's so sweet and kind of you to make such a lovey comment on my cheers project. i love you for that.
hey much greetings;-D xxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Ninday, don't worry it' was a greate tute you've made, i loved it.
and don't be worring there are a lot of us that talk not english too as their first langues.
so there are a lot that makes some mistakes , but it was very good to understand yours!!! and i liked them very pretty and nice.
good of you!!! proud of you.
i still make some langues mistakes.LOl but yours was very good!!!!
it's always a little scarry and excitihing when you upload the first tute, and i have still this feelings.LOL
Hey and we all try to help each other so don't be shy ask for help i've you need it. and i have noticed by my self that i'm much better in my english then ever, still learning a lot new words.LOL

Ooooh glad , such a relive that you slept some hours after the finishing.LOL
I've you like asked me as your friend i can't asked you , having still to much computer problems on COK. think of it, you don't have too;-D
Hey have a nice lazy sunday afternoon, and a good awesome fun week;-D

AthAlba · Semarang, Central Java, ID · 39 projects
Aku di sini juga itungannya newbie kok. Baru gabung tahun ini.
Dan aku setuju banget soal bikin kerajinan sendiri pake bahan2 yg murah. Soalnya kadang beli di toko tuh udah mahal n (biasanya) ga sesuai selera ku.
Btw, sudah ga cari peralatan/bahan2 crafting di Malang? Di Semarang sih ga terlalu, cuma toko yang sedia aksesoris2 buat bikin perhiasan itu jauh banget.
AthAlba · Semarang, Central Java, ID · 39 projects
Haha, finally another Indonesian!
Hi, I'm Ath from Semarang! Happy