I am writer and editor in https://devmyresume.com/ best resume writing service. The education background is the next segment in your resume paper. You should write the different achievements that you received while in your high school or college education. It is important that the employer also see how you performed in the academic level. There are certain things as a student that will influence how you will work for a company.
Apart from these parts, you also need to include a skills and competencies section in the resume paper. This is where you will write your other abilities aside from the ones that relate to your professional qualifications. For example, you can include that you have a professional driver license, you can repair computer parts or you have experience taking care of the elderly.
Lastly, include a list of people whom you trust. These people should improve the quality of your resume papers because they will serve as reference persons for the company. They should be able to provide you with good merit when the company checks for your background.
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