Whether you are writing simply for pleasure or writing an article for a popular magazine, there are five essential skills that every writer must have. These skills will allow writers to be able to write both creatively and effectively.

1. Be Concise

Do away with flowery introductions and get to the point. Writers who master this skill will be able to hold the attention of their audience and keep their readers interested. Outlining the points you want to make in your writing beforehand will definitely reduce excessive “rambling.”

2. Write a draft, then step aside

Writing a first draft allows the writer to put their ideas down on paper while brainstorm new ones. The first draft can be seen as more of a building block than something set in stone. After writing the first draft, set your writing aside and allow your mind to wander. After you have let your draft sit for a while, you are able to look at the draft with a fresh eye. The “fresh eye” can lead to even more creativity than you started with.

3. Be Relatable

This skill is especially important for fiction writers. Readers have the tendency to read stories that they can relate to. Writers should not only create characters that their readers can identify with, but also create a relatable atmosphere. For example, if a story takes place in Austin, researching the area can help make the story seem more authentic.

4. Get Feedback

This skill is essential for both amateur and professional writers. Getting feedback lets the writer “see” their writing from another point of view. Even with a rough draft and reading aloud to check for clarity, writers still may be a bit biased when it comes to critiquing their own work. Instead of trying to correct yourself, it is best for writers to let others do it. Pass off your manuscript to a friend, editor or proofreader who will not hesitate to tear your piece to shreds and be honest about your mistakes. Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to writing.

5. Write Everyday

Thirty minutes of writing per day can lead to positive results. Writing every day allows the writer to improve their writing skills and become more creative. Writing is a skill within itself that requires practice. Writing daily can lead to creative ideas which in return lead to a passionate writer’s success.

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