Teresa Brashear grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from California State University. She spent seven years working in Washington, D.C. in PR agency and moved back in LA. Now she is HR-manager in IT company, successful writer at resumebros and mom. When she isn’t glued to a laptop screen, she spends free time working in the garden, learning French and Chinese, and trying to be good volleyball player in amateur team.

How can working parents create work life balance?

One of the best, and also most rewarding things a parent can do is to stay home and take care of her children. However, nowadays, a lot of households need both parents bringing in an income in order to afford their everyday expenses. If you are looking for new job, you must turn to federal job resume writers and get professinal help with your resume. As a working parent, sometimes it can get really frustrating trying to juggle your responsibilities with your kids and your work. How do you balance your work and your family life?

You have to understand that sometimes you can’t fit all your tasks into one day or even one week. You have to pick and choose which tasks are important to you and your family. I’ll be honest. It isn’t easy to prioritize your tasks, at least not at the beginning. However, as you get better at managing your time, prioritizing will eventually become easier. Once your have identified your high priority tasks, schedule them into your day and stick to your schedule religiously. Make sure that you set aside some time for your kids and give them your full attention while you spend time with them.

Delegating is a useful time management technique you can use to deal with the growing list of tasks. Ask your colleagues for help politely if you can’t handle all the tasks. At home, make a list of things that you need to do and get your kids involved. The older kids can help help with tasks such as dishes and laundry. The younger ones may not be able to help but let them pretend to help anyway. Your family life can improve significantly when all members of the family work together and contribute to the housework.

Understanding that you have limited time and trying to figure out how to spend this time is a great challenge. However, once you get the hang of it, planning your days will become less a challenge. You will enjoy more quality time with your family and less personal stress if you start thinking about your work life balance today.

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