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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi awesome now we are really friends. thank you.
it's a grey day but warm as well, like that strange weather.
have done alot , primed some projects for some the seccond time and other for the first.
and in between i found some old clear plastic bottles were i wanted to make some new beads of and i found tin tape , and taped the upside and then with the heating gun on a stick it looks like mirrow beads.
and with a lot of patiencend i have cut out doors of a plastic toy.
i saw my niece had tried to do the same, but she did it on the wrong way.
and saw out a small shelf for inside the toy.
it's a plastic closet , not really but when you gave it the first look you will thing oooh that's handy but the doors were fake and the back side as well;-S
sooo i must do a lot of it, i have tiny dollhouse teasets i have saved them .
so i will put them in that closet when it's finished.
the style was great it 's from bradz dolls. Do you know that?
she gave me all kinds of things of that other toys too.
so i couldn't make a choice but... thought this was handy for in my new home to be to restore, rebuild.LOL
so... i'm satisfied with this day.
yesterday it was not fine i had a migraine day. i have meds for that so the headage will disepair but not the dizzyness and not feeling fine.
i must be lazy on those days.
strange for me.
so i did alot computer work.
i was vacuum cleaning , tomorrow Karin my friend will come to help me sorting things out.
she is coming more then a year and still love to help me. sooo sweet ,
and we have always fun and talks the whole time she is with me.LOL
Karin is look likes me as character.LOL
only she don't craft soooo much i have contaious her with recycling crafts.
so she is saving as well all kind of things.LOL
her daughter is doing the same.LOL When i'm moved i live more n earby her then now and then she and her daugther will come every month to learn new crafting technics.
first they wanted to learn to felt with t he needle and with wet.
like that;-D
i don't know anybody in that city so this is a good start.
What have you done today.?
must you go tomorrow to school, or have you summer vacation.
Hey where do you live, i always place people in a country and it's always wrong.LOL
funny though.
must go to eat and take my meds and do more vacuum cleaning.;-D
not my fave part.;-D
hey have a nice eve and sleep well, and a great fun crafty creative week.
lots of hugs kisses my friend;-D xxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hummm , suddenly my comment was allready sent.
so first read the older one and then, this please.;-D

i was tellling you i 'm waiting for the house to be for almost 1,5 years, so... it's not funny anymore linving in a half wrapped household.LOL
but.... they told me it will be soon.
hey have a nice eve and...hope you have a great fun awesome crafty weekend.
hey you're avatar picture is funny.LOL is it you?
my avatar picture is me.LOL i have made it myself.
it's one of my comic persones as well LOL
but then s he is not me really not all the stories are mine , some .LOL
okay i must go to eat and take my meds.
hope to talk to you soon. , hugs and kisses;-=D <3
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, vi
you're very welcome i was glad when people wrote n ice comments to me as well when i was a starter on here;-D
so it's i think normal?! to invite others ;-D
Hey please send me a friend request then we can write to each much easier.
i have on my normal daily computer a wrong programme so i can't on this computer press that button.
then we can be friends;-D Like that.
i have had my sis this afternoon with me and gave her the pocket shadow box she loved it and was sooooo glad and happy.
like that to watch. we are really close to each other like we were twins, we aren'tLOL
she was looking well so i was very pleased to watch her.
She was stunned of which i and a friend h ad done allready on packing my house things for the upcoming moving.
i'm waiting for my new home to be for almost
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Vi aaah you don't have real friends on here.
so sad for you, if you like i will write you here so you're less alone;-D
just tell me if you like that;-D
hey thank you very much of your fave on my how to turn easily a strip of fabric project.
wish you much profite of it and have a great fun crafty week as well;-D
Melissa H.
Melissa H. · 38 projects
thanks for the favs ^.^