On my creations:

I love to make soft, cute little plushies for all ages. My main designs are octopus', owls and foxes but I'm branching out!...
I also make coin purses, tote/shopper bags, cosmetic bags and customized hats!
I do take custom orders, and have made personal bags, hats and plushies by request from a handful of friends.
I hand-sew EVERYTHING. I am terrible with a sewing machine and have yet to master that ability haha.
I'm planning on teaching myself how to crochet as soon as possible because there are wayy too many adorable things that I have in mind to make.

On me:
I am addicted to anything asian! My room is full of treasures from hong kong and japan.
I am engaged to the most wonderful man, he is my world.
I adore animals and would probably step in front of a bus to save one.
I am obsessed with ferrets! I have one, and help take care of my fiance's two ferrets.
I also own a very fat guinea pig and cat! ^-^

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