Jet H.
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Hi Mandie,
uhmmm still not fine, but my mood is okay, i must stay an half year longer at home to recover of the whiplash, and the asthma was getting worse, so i got more meds.LOL
it helping so i'm glad.
I sleep for three months to less hours, one of my cats had broken her leg it' was very complicated so her leghe was inside and outside scaffoldinged.LOL and she had to stay for a half year in a bench.-S
in the summer i saw she was limbing with the leg so i had made some xrays and it was not good.
one of the broken bones wasn't healted and the inside pin in her leg was no longer fixed so it moved and damaged her knee, so she had to go back to her orthopedic vet and she got a big surgery on her leg again and yust yesterday after 3 months i heard the good news she is okay so she may jump and walk.LOL
but the little cat don't except her, she is smelling wrongly so poor muis will only lay underneat my sweater on my lap.
and i can't sleep with those two fighting cats above my head when i'm laying in bed.LOL
my house isn't so good driveable so i can't close my slindingwalls to close the part of my house where i want to sleep.
That's why my cats are sleeping with me-S sometimes its okay thouh.LOL
so i'm feeling very tired out -S
but still making crafts , i'm working at the moment of a cartoon i had promised the salesman of my yellow big wheellchair, the one you can see here ;-D
i think it will be funny.
How are you? and what are you doing for crafts at the moment?
hey have a nice fun day, lots of love and hugs and fun.xxxxxxxx
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Mandie G.
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aww bless ya jet will always reply my sweet i do have manners and why shouldnt you have a bright wheelchair . you dont want to look like every one else be bright and bold and stick out its ur chair and its part of who u are u go girl pimp it up as much as u like . london is cool hun and there is plenty of people that stand out . i want to see pics of ur pimped up chair when u get it . much love n hugs and speak to you soon . take care sweet . mandie x xx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hey dear Manide, thank you , thats kind of you too.;-D
i must go a little bit later to a fitting of my replacement wheelchair, tiring it will be, -S but fun too, chosing bright colours, i have thought of bright pink with red, and some bit of black.LOL
the tear yearking choire has those colours.Kitschy.LOL
it'a all about measures and busnis talk-S
but one of them i know allready of the past so it will okay too, most people can laugh at my, i'm a big antertainer.LOL
Woooh London i have been there for my study for a month a long time ago when i was studying at the art academy.
i love the theathers and the museons of yours, awesome.
hey be warned i'm a big talker, but i don't exspect the same of others.LOL so don't bother when you don't write back all ways.;-D
hey greetings and hugs with xxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
oooow that sooo sweet of yours to add my on your friend!!!
Love that, and yeaaaaaah were n ow friends.LOL
hey have an awesome nice fun day and hugs ;-D xxxxx
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Hi Mandie , thank you for your fave of m y new shapes of recycled beads project, with you much crafting fun with making them;-D
and have an awesome fun week.;-D
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