I'm Kelsey! I am 15 and love to make crafts that show who I am. So that's anything punk, funky, and nerdy (doctor who, robots, etc.) That's just who I am. I am a music addict. I love to dye my bangs different colors. Right now it's purple and pink XD. most people judge me as trouble and a rebel just by my fashion choices and overall appearance, but i'm not a bad kid. I've never even broken the law! *unless u count cutting through someones lawn as a shortcut >.< * If you still don't like me after you get to know me then you can just shove your opinions of me up your a** My personality: Hyper, Bubbly, Happy (most of the time) Talkative, If I'm quiet then I am depressed or mad. So on. If you wanna know more about me, message me on this thing.. =)
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