Hi my name is Shelly I live in a growing country town in Qld I am a animal lover ,vegetarian would rather be around animals any day then humans they always put a smile in my heart I love craft but I'm not good at it I love gardening people say I am good at that when I'm in the garden I tend to forget what time it is the same when I'm around my pets. I have one very handsome dog his name is Shilo he is cross Dingo australian red cattle dog I found him wandering around our neighbourhood he had cuts all around his neck and body his ear had been eaten by flys and very thin and scared but not now we love him he has been with us for 5 years now we also have two cats MIA who looks to be cross persian she lives down the road but spends most of her time at my plase she only goes home to get brushed cool cat and there is Mr Big the name saise it all he was a stray but last week he came to my place with a very bad leg and earache well $399 dollars later at the vets I now claim him as mine he is looking very nice now and his ear and leg is healed .
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