Residing in the mountains of NC, I often wish crafts and arts were a natural for me, in my bones as the flowers mountains and people where I live are worth sketching and remembering.

I usually try to do a craft with the young people in my church 2-6 of them between the ages of 5 and 10. I scramble to come up with things. We give the crafts away when we visits the nursing homes in the areas and sing for the folk. The young people enjoy making the treasures and the older folk love the attention as well as something to decorate their rooms.

I am the finance department for this so we work alot with creating things instead of the instant packaged crafts.

Besides this I like to do cards, and having just married off my own two last year I am now working on scrapbooking the photos of their weddings. I have attempted quilting, crocheting and sewing and can get by at all three but lack the drive to sit and work that long on one project.
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