Hey there! My name's Sam, I'm 17, and a senior in high school.
I love to craft, and am into a little bit of everything. I love fashion DIYS, clay, miniatures, sewing, beauty, anything!

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Melissa H.
Melissa H. · 38 projects
thank you for the kind words and the fav ^.^ it is nice to know that other people like the things i make. the dress was a complicated process. not because of the clay but because of the steps i took to make it -.- so first i decided to use a clay/pasta machine. works great except when clay gets stuck in it and i have to take the machine apart. then we decided to go to lake tahoe in the middle of me making the dress. so i had to prop her up in a box and hold her while we drove to lake tahoe. then i had to finish her in a dusty cabin with a temperamental oven that she was too tall for. hahaha. fun fun ^.^ but i do like the way the dress came out.
Ruth R.
Ruth R. · 6 projects
hi thanks for the comment on my make-up look. But my mum is glad i am into make-up me and most of my friends are. Right now I am rlly good at doing make-up looks. My friends always want me to do makeovers on them. So if you can't stand the fact I wear make-up thts ur problem. And if you don't like something you can just ignore it.