hey there guys im bambi, well thts my nickname my real name is amber and i LOVE all animals big or small furosious or...the oppisite of furosious LOL ^^ any hoo i hav a mum on CO&K which is handy i do hav another account but i forgot the password and it wudnt let me reset it Happy o well. i have bieber fever, i love twilight (team jabob ALL THE WAY!!!) big time rush, spongebob squarepants, icarly, csi, family guy, american dad, vampire diaries, james cameron's avatar, drop dead fred and all things like tht. i love drawring(but im just no good at it "/ ) me and my friends we kinda hav like an urban family thing and our names r lola (lucy), bella (jess), flow (lauren), steve (emily) and ME!!!!!! bambi. hehe xD k hope to see u soon byee guyz
xD <3

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