I'm 18 years old and a freshman at Mount Holyoke college. I'm a feminist, politically active, and environmentally/socially concious and I try to incorporate these mentalities into my work. I prefer to recycle everything -- much of my jewelry is made from recycled jewelry! I also refuse to use items of harm such as gun charms or cigarette charms in my jewelry, and I never buy supplies from sweatshop laborer-produced markets or otherwise sketchy stores (so no to Wal Mart, yes to local and handmade!) I've been knitting for five years for fun, moving from scarves to hats to a huge patternless teddy bear (my pride and joy, the boyfriend still cuddles with it at night). I like to sew -- mostly reconstructions from other shirts. I like to cover things in duct tape. I love making bright colorful plastic jewelry. I consider craft-making an art to be honed skillfully and look forward to learning more! I am entirely against creating boring things. I love using colorful beads, yarns, and fabrics, and especially love stripes and polka dots! Even my hair is half pink. I live in Louisville, Kentucky when I'm not at college in Massachusets.

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