Hi! My name is Sakaya. I'm 14 years old, I'm from South Dakota, and I'm a funny,retarded,(my friends say that I am and I kind of agree with them to a point),outgoing (I'm sometimes lazy), short-tempered (I hate to admit it),and a nice kind of person. I have an obsession with hobos, I love Tokio Hotel, and I like all types of movies and books like the Twilight Saga and Alice in Wonderland Happy Usually when I make crafts, (except for things like drawing and painting), I end up messing up so I'll try my hardest to work on making my stuff neat enough to put onto my profile... so I'll do that and post stuff up soon. Ummmmmmmmm...okay well I hope you add me as a friend or comment on my stuff or anything like that Happy
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Carol S.
Carol S. · Indian Head, Maryland, US · 133 projects
Sakaya, thanks for adding my Eclipse key chain to your faves.