I am Nina hear me roar. I'm in my final year of highschool with some degree of hope of getting into a design school, I would love it to be the ever exclusive Ultimo Tafe but eh.
I LOVE the 50's, so rockabilly, psychobilly and dieselpunk are all major love's of mine, i also love anything else that is attatched by defult. Watch my logic at work...Dieselpunk->steampunk->NeoVictorian->corsetry->goth->etc. My design tends to be of the, yes i will admit, adverage scale, I'm a big believer in the use of fabric, patterns, embellishing and accessorising. I also love comic's, Elvis and my dog Beau.
What do I like to design? Clothing mostly, it's what i'm most capable of, but decopaging is fun too! So is embroidery. Oh and anyone in the Sydney area that wants to teach me to crochet, please contact me!