60's & 70's Vintage reproduction Clothing, Vintage clothing & Alterations.
Description Loving Peace and the Kosmic Bouteaque will be catering for all those that love vintage clothing specifically from the 60's and 70's era.

Come July we will be launching, with a host of gorgeous vintage clothing, and as we are a new small reproduction vintage clothing house also, we will be selling your reproduced favourite vintage clothes from vintage patterns and vintage material on a not so vinta...ge sewing machine!! we also design different takes on the old patterns to give each item a classic 60's/70's swinging style!

We also specialize in creating unique pieces by redesigning foraged vintage clothes to either tailor them to fit you better, or to completely transform them!

We also buy and sell vintage clothing and only touch them to clean press and send to your doorstep!

If you want any alterations on existing clothes, would like to buy any of our vintage bits and bobs, or would be interested in coming over for tea and a little pattern party (i.e. i get out the old patterns, you chose which you'd like us to make for you, then we'll party about it) then please do get in touch!

PLEASE REMEMBER!!! if you find any patterns or have an idea of something you would like made up, to fit you perfectly, then GET IN TOUCH! ♥ we can make up anything you want as long as it is vintage!!! we know how hard it can be to get that item you want that will fit, because lets remember, that generation were physically smaller than us lot today! (unless you are very lucky!)

Some of our hero's Jimi Hendrix, Marc Bolan, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Bob Marley ....See more

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